Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 551: At what stages of a project should the Identify Stakeholders process be performed?

A. When beginning each phase of the project
B. At the beginning of the project only
C. Only when the project manager is concerned about stakeholder satisfaction
D. When the project charter is produced, at the beginning of each phase, and when significant changes occur

Question 552: Which of the following lists represents the outputs of the Monitor Communications process?

A. Project communications, project management plan updates, project documents updates, and organizational process assets updates
B. Work performance information, change requests, project management plan updates, and project documents updates
C. Communications management plan, project management plan updates, work performance report, and project documents update
D. Stakeholder engagement plan, change requests, project management plan updates, and project documents updates

Question 553: A company must implement sales software because it is opening a new branch in a foreign market. Although this software is used in every domestic branch, multiple changes are expected during the implementation because it is a foreign location. Which type of life cycle would the project manager use in this case?

A. Predictive life cycle
B. Waterfall life cycle
C. Hybrid life cycle
D. Product life cycle

Question 554: Which are the main objectives of Project Risk Management?

A. Increase the probability of positive risks and decrease the probability of negative risks
B. Avoid all kind of risks
C. Increase the probability of positive risks and eliminate all negative risks
D. Identify positive and negative risks

Question 555: Which are examples of processes that may be used once or at predefined points in the project life cycle?

A. Develop Project Charter and Close Project or Phase
B. Define Activities and Acquire Resources
C. Control Schedule and Conduct Procurements
D. Monitor Communications and Control Costs

Question 556: Which process determines the correctness of deliverables?

A. Verify Deliverables
B. Validate Deliverables
C. Review Deliverables
D. Analyze Deliverables

Question 557: What is one of the main purposes of the project charter?

A. Formal authorization of the existence of the project
B. Formal acceptance of the project management plan
C. Formal approval of the detailed project budget
D. Formal definition of stakeholder roles and responsibilities

Question 558: Tailoring considerations for project scope management may include:

A. requirements management, stability of requirements, development approach, and validation and control
B. WBS guidelines, requirements templates, deliverable acceptance forms, and verified deliverables
C. business needs, product descriptions, project restrictions, and project management plan
D. issues defining and controlling what is included in the project, verified deliverables, and quality reports

Question 559: A project manager is working on project cost management. The following information is current: Planned value = 30 Actual cost = 35 Earned value = 28 Considering this data, which project indicator is correct?

A. Schedule Variance (SV) = 2
B. Cost Performance Index (CPI) = 0.80
C. Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = 1.93
D. Cost Variance (CV) = 7

Question 560: Which task will a project manager undertake while conducting Project Resource Management?

A. Identify the different aspects of the team to manage and control physical resources efficiently
B. Procure equipment, materials, facilities, and infrastructure for the project
C. Train the team members in project skill sets
D. Define the roles and responsibilities of each team member