Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 541: In a preliminary meeting for a project, team members decide to execute the project with agile methodology. A finance team member wants to know how project cost will be determined at this early stage. How will the project team determine project cost?

A. Use a lightweight cost estimation due to the nature of agile projects
B. Use a detailed cost estimation for agile projects
C. Retrieve a budget from a previous project and create a baseline for this project based on it
D. Use a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) to get cost estimation

Question 542: A project manager needs to request outside support for a statement of work (SOW) that is not precise. Which kind of contract does the project manager need to create?

A. Time and material (T&M)
B. Cost plus fixed fee (CPFF)
C. Fixed price
D. Cost plus award fee (CPAF)

Question 543: Which set of tools and techniques is useful for estimating activity durations for the project schedule?

A. Brainstorming, Monte Carlo Simulation, analogous estimation
B. Three-point estimation, resources leveling, iteration burndown chart
C. Milestone charts, parametric estimation, schedule baseline
D. Parametric estimation, three-point estimation, analogous estimation

Question 544: To which knowledge area does the Collect Requirements process belong?

A. Quality Management
B. Scope Management
C. Cost Management
D. Integration Management

Question 545: The project manager released a report. A few stakeholders express the view that the report should not have been directed to them. Which of the 5Cs of written communications does the project manager need to address?

A. Correct grammar and spelling
B. Concise expression and elimination of excess words
C. Clear purpose and expression directed to the needs of the reader
D. Coherent logical flow of ideas

Question 546: An important project stakeholder has low risk tolerance. Which type of communication should a project manager use to provide this stakeholder with a difficult update?

A. Informal conversation
B. Face-to-face meeting
C. Short email update
D. Written report

Question 547: According to PMBOK, the definition of Plan Risk Management is:

A. Develop strategies and agreeing on actions to address overall and individual risk and exposure
B. Define how to conduct risk management activities for a project
C. Implement agreed-upon risk response plans
D. Analyze the impact of identified individual risk and other sources of uncertainty on overall project objectives

Question 548: Which of the following tasks focuses on decomposing work packages?

A. Adjust duration estimates
B. Define activities
C. Complete rolling wave planning
D. Develop milestone list

Question 549: The project manager is using co-location and providing training to the project team. On which of the following Project Resource Management processes is the project manager working?

A. Acquire Resources
B. Control Resources
C. Manage Team
D. Develop Team

Question 550: A project is in progress and about to move to a different phase, according to the plan. This will be a good opportunity for the project manager to:

A. create the project management plan
B. identify the project objectives
C. review and update stakeholder engagement
D. create the schedule baseline