Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 521: A project manager is working in an environment where requirements are not very clear and may change during the project. In addition, the project has several stakeholders and is technically complex. Which strategies should the project manager take into account for risk management in this environment?

A. Occasionally identify, evaluate, and classify risks
B. Review requirements and cross-functional project teams
C. Include contingency reserves and update the project management plan frequently
D. Frequently review incremental work products and update the requirements for proper prioritization

Question 522: When managing costs in an agile environment, what should a project manager consider?

A. Lightweight estimation methods can be used as changes arise
B. Agile environments make cost aggregation more difficult
C. Agile environments make projects costlier and uncertain
D. Detailed cost calculations benefit from frequent changes

Question 523: Which is the correct hierarchy in a project environment, from most to least inclusive?

A. Projects, portfolios, then programs
B. Portfolios, programs, then projects
C. Portfolios, projects, then programs
D. Projects, programs, then portfolios

Question 524: During which process of Project Cost Management does a project manager produce the cost baseline?

A. Estimate Costs
B. Control Schedule
C. Determine Budget
D. Develop Project Charter

Question 525: With regard to a project manager’s sphere of influence in a project, which of the following does the project manager influence most directly?

A. Suppliers
B. Customers
C. Governing bodies
D. Project team

Question 526: Which is a major component of an agreement?

A. Change request handling
B. Risk register templates
C. Lessons learned register
D. Procurement management plan

Question 527: The features and functions that characterize a result, product, or service can refer to:

A. project scope
B. product scope
C. service scope
D. product breakdown structure

Question 528: Which of the following is an output of the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

A. Cost-benefit analysis
B. Updated project charter
C. Approved change request
D. Multicriteria decision analysis

Question 529: A project using the agile/adaptive approach has reached the Project Integration Management phase. What is the project manager’s key responsibility during this phase?

A. Defining the scope of the project
B. Building a collaborative environment
C. Creating a detailed project management plan
D. Directing the delivery of the project

Question 530: Which tasks should a project manager accomplish in order to manage project scope correctly?

A. Define, Validate, and Control Scope; Control Schedule; Control Costs and Manage Stakeholder Engagement.
B. Collect Requirements, Define Scope, Create WBS, Develop Schedule, and Manage Stakeholder Engagement.
C. Plan Scope Management; Collect Requirements; Define, Validate, and Control Scope; and Create WBS.
D. Define, Validate, and Control Scope; Control Costs; Manage Stakeholder Engagement; and keep budget under control.