Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 511: The project manager is distributing project communications, collecting and storing project information, and retrieving documents when required. In which process is the project manager involved?

A. Monitor Communications
B. Plan Communications Management
C. Manage Communications
D. Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Question 512: What can increase the complexity of the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process?

A. The project must be of high quality
B. The stakeholders are from different countries
C. The project must comply with strict local government regulations
D. The project has a tight budget and timeline

Question 513: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis focuses on:

A. compiling a list of known risks and preparing responses to them
B. assessing the probability of occurrence and impact for every risk in the risk register
C. evaluating the contingency and management reserves required for the project
D. analyzing numerically the impact of individual risks on the overall project’s time and cost objectives

Question 514: Why is tailoring required in a project?

A. Because a one-size-fits-all approach avoids complications and saves time
B. Because every project is unique and not every tool, technique, input, or output identified in the PMBOK Guide is required
C. Because tailoring allows us to identify the techniques, procedures, and system practices used by those in the project
D. Project managers should apply every process in the PMBOK Guide to the project, so tailoring is not required

Question 515: The project manager is creating the communications management plan. Which group of inputs is required to begin?

A. Work performance reports, change requests, and risk register
B. Work performance data, project documents, and stakeholder engagement plan
C. Project charter, project management plan, and project documents
D. Work performance data, stakeholder register, and team management plan

Question 516: A project manager is working on an estimate. The project team is estimating each work package and then finding the total of all the work packages. Which technique is using the project manager?

A. Three-point estimating
B. Parametric estimating
C. Bottom-up estimating
D. Data analysis

Question 517: What are the project management processes associated with project quality management?

A. Plan Quality Management, Manage Quality, and Control Quality
B. Plan Quality Management, Manage Quality, and Cost of Quality
C. Manage Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Control Quality
D. Customer Satisfaction, Control Quality, and Continuous Improvement

Question 518: Which of the following are inputs for the Plan Quality Management processes?

A. Quality metrics, project documents, and financial performance
B. Quality management plan, project documents, and quality metrics
C. Project management plan, project documents, and organizational process assets
D. Project management plan, quality metrics, and project documents

Question 519: A project manager is working on the communications management plan. Which of these documents are inputs to consider?

A. Stakeholder engagement plan and organizational process assets
B. Project schedule and stakeholder register
C. Quality management plan and risk register
D. Basis of estimates and scope baseline

Question 520: Which two processes should be used to influence costs in the early stages of a project?

A. Estimate Costs and Determine Budget
B. Plan Cost Management and Estimate Activity Durations
C. Control Quality and Control Costs
D. Plan Stakeholder Engagement and Plan Communications Management