Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 501: How is the Project Scope Management process different in agile and adaptive projects than in traditional projects?

A. Less time spent on defining scope early on
B. More time spent on defining scope early on
C. Less time spent on scope management process
D. Project scope management is the same in all projects

Question 502: The project manager is explaining to others the essential business aspects of the project. To which skill category does this ability belong?

A. Technical project management skills
B. Time management skills
C. Strategic and business management skills
D. Leadership skills

Question 503: A project manager is considering whether or not to procure a new vendor. What can the project manager use to determine a make-or-buy decision?

A. Data analysis
B. Interpersonal skills
C. Bidder conferences
D. Bid documents

Question 504: Which are the most important competencies required for a project manager?

A. Leadership, bilingualism, experience, and technical knowledge
B. PMP certification, experience, technical knowledge, and post-graduate education
C. Leadership, strategic and business management, project management knowledge, and technical knowledge
D. Communication skills, project management knowledge, PMP certification, and availability to travel

Question 505: Which of the following is a category of organizational process assets?

A. Government standards
B. Organizational culture
C. Employee capabilities
D. Organizational knowledge bases

Question 506: Which is an example of an internal enterprise environmental factor?

A. Market share brand recognition
B. Factory location
C. Local government regulation
D. Industry research

Question 507: Which document can help a project manager to leverage historical project information?

A. Lessons learned register
B. Schedule baseline
C. Work performance data
D. Deliverable acceptance forms

Question 508: In an agile and adaptive project, which scope management entity involves stakeholder engagement?

A. Collect Requirements
B. Create work breakdown structure (WBS)
C. Plan Scope Management
D. Scope Baseline

Question 509: According to the PMI Talent Triangle, leadership skills relate to the ability to:

A. understand the high-level overview of the organization
B. tailor traditional and agile tools for the project
C. work with stakeholders to develop an appropriate project delivery
D. guide, motivate, and direct a team to reach project goals

Question 510: Which are required to create the schedule management plan?

A. Scope baseline, work breakdown structure (WBS), estimated costs, and milestone list
B. Resource management plan, organizational process assets, activity list, and business case
C. Enterprise environmental factors, organizational process assets, project charter, and project management plan
D. Activity list, project statement of work, project charter, and communications management plan