Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 481: Which tool or technique measures performance of the project as it moves from project initiation through project closure?

A. Resource leveling
B. Parametric measuring
C. Pareto chart
D. Earned value

Question 482: Which type of team can be defined as a group of people with a shared goal who fulfill their roles although spending little or no time meeting face to face?

A. Co-location team
B. Virtual team
C. Departmental team
D. Consultant team

Question 483: Who is responsible for reviewing change requests and approving or rejecting the change requests?

A. Change control board
B. Project manager
C. Project management office
D. Project sponsor

Question 484: Which statement summarizes the role of the change control board?

A. The change control board is responsible for presenting the change for approval
B. The change control board will analyze the change impact in terms of cost and schedule
C. The change control board is responsible for managing the change management and configuration management systems
D. The change control board is responsible for reviewing and approving changes to the project

Question 485: Which action should the project manager take after the team finishes executing the scope?

A. Verify the deliverables to ensure that they are correct and meet the customer’s satisfaction
B. Accept all the deliverables and deliver them to the customer for final acceptance
C. Conduct a joint session with the customer, change the deliverables, and then request approval
D. Check that all change requests were implemented and release deliverables to the customer

Question 486: The project manager needs to manage a critical issue immediately, and this requires action from the upper management of a specific stakeholder group. Which plan should the project manager consult?

A. Risk management plan
B. Communications management plan
C. Change management plan
D. Stakeholder engagement plan

Question 487: Which kind of communication should the project manager use when creating reports for government bodies?

A. Hierarchical
B. External
C. Formal
D. Official

Question 488: How can a project manager maintain the engagement of stakeholders in a project with a high degree of change?

A. Monitor project stakeholder relationships using engaging strategies and plans
B. Send all project documents to stakeholders each time they are modified
C. Schedule monthly meetings with the stakeholders, including team members
D. Engage only with the project sponsors

Question 489: If a project manager effectively manages project knowledge, a key benefit is that:

A. all stakeholders have access to the same information
B. the project team is able to understand the project status
C. project stakeholders have a clear picture of the project
D. new knowledge is added to organizational process assets

Question 490: Which project documents can determine the budget?

A. Procurement documents, contracts, requirements documentation, and basis of estimates
B. Basis of estimates, cost estimates, project schedule, and risk register
C. Business case, project charter, statement of work, and cost estimates
D. Scope baseline, resource management plan, activity list, and assumption log