Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 461: Which of following could be organizational process assets?

A. Historical information
B. Industry standards
C. Organization infrastructure
D. Marketplace conditions

Question 462: Which of the following are documented directions to perform an activity that can reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks?

A. Recommended corrective actions
B. Recommended preventive actions
C. Risk audits
D. Risk reassessments

Question 463: Which of the following are examples of interactive communication?

A. Intranet sites
B. Voice mails
C. Video conferences
D. Press releases

Question 464: Which of the following are the components of the scope baseline?

A. Project charter, project scope statement, and work breakdown structure (WBS)
B. Project charter, project management plan, and plan procurement
C. Project scope statement, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS dictionary
D. Project management plan, plan procurement, and contract administration

Question 465: Which of the following buffers protects the target finish date from slippage along the critical chain?

A. Critical buffer
B. Project buffer
C. Duration buffer
D. Feeding buffer

Question 466: Which of the following correctly describes when organizations and stakeholders are willing to accept varying degrees of risk?

A. Risk analysis
B. Risk tolerance
C. Risk management
D. Risk attitude

Question 467: Which of the following correctly lists the configuration management activities included in the Integrated Change Control process?

A. Configuration definition, configuration status accounting, configuration monitoring and control
B. Configuration identification, configuration status accounting, configuration verification and audit
C. Configuration identification, configuration status reporting, configuration verification and audit
D. Configuration definition, configuration status reporting, configuration monitoring and Control

Question 468: Which of the following is a component of three-point estimates?

A. Probabilistic
B. Most likely
C. Expected
D. Anticipated

Question 469: Which of the following is a schematic display of the project’s schedule activities and the logical relationships among them?

A. Gantt chart
B. Project schedule network diagram
C. Project milestone list
D. Activity list

Question 470: Which of the following is an example of contract administration?

A. Negotiating the contract
B. Authorizing contractor work
C. Developing the statement of work
D. Establishing evaluation criteria