Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 431: On what is project baseline development established?

A. Approved product requirements
B. Estimated project cost and schedule
C. Actual project cost and schedule
D. Revised project cost and schedule

Question 432: Organizational process assets can be divided into which of the following two categories?

A. Project files and corporate knowledge base
B. Templates, and processes and procedures
C. Standards, and processes and procedures
D. Corporate knowledge base and processes and procedures

Question 433: Project management processes are:

A. Static; they must not change across different projects.
B. Applied globally and across all industry groups.
C. Discrete elements with well-defined interfaces.
D. Project phases, applied as required in different projects.

Question 434: Projects are authorized by which of the following individuals?

A. Project managers
B. Stakeholders
C. Functional managers
D. Sponsors

Question 435: Projects can intersect with an organization’s operations at various points during the product life cycle such as:

A. When there is an operations shutdown (i.e. a strike).
B. When developing new products, upgrading products, or expanding outputs.
C. When a project transitions from a temporary to a permanent status.
D. When the project manager is promoted to operations manager.

Question 436: Quality and credibility of the qualitative risk analysis process requires that different levels of the risk’s probabilities and impacts be defined is the definition of what?

A. Risk breakdown structure (RBS)
B. Risk probability and impact
C. Qualitative risk analysis
D. Risk response planning

Question 437: Schedule milestones and a predefined budget are examples of:

A. Project constraints.
B. Requirements documentation.
C. Organizational process assets.
D. Activity cost estimates.

Question 438: Scope verification is PRIMARILY concerned with which of the following?

A. Acceptance of the work deliverables.
B. Accuracy of the work deliverables.
C. Approval of the scope statement.
D. Accuracy of the work breakdown structure.

Question 439: Soft logic is also known as what type of dependency?

A. External
B. Discretionary
C. Mandatory
D. Internal

Question 440: Team performance assessments is an output of which of the following processes?

A. Develop Human Resource Plan
B. Perform Quality Control
C. Develop Project Team
D. Manage Project Team