Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 421: A project manager needs to deliver the project 2 weeks before the planned date without changing the scope. Which of the following techniques may be applied to reevaluate the schedule?

A. What-if scenario analysis
B. Critical chain method
C. Schedule crashing
D. Resource leveling

Question 422: Activities on the critical path have which type of float?

A. Zero free float
B. Zero or negative float
C. Negative and positive float
D. Zero or positive float

Question 423: An imposed date for completion of the project by the customer is an example of a project:

A. deliverable
B. assumption
C. constraint
D. exclusion

Question 424: An input required to develop a preliminary project scope statement is:

A. Organizational Structure
B. Organizational Process Assets
C. Organizational Matrix
D. Organizational Breakdown Structures

Question 425: An output of the Manage Project Team process is:

A. project management plan updates
B. project staff assignments updates
C. team performance assessments
D. resource calendar updates

Question 426: Budgets reserved for unplanned changes to project scope and cost are:

A. Contingency reserves.
B. Management reserves.
C. Authorized budgets.
D. Cost baselines.
Correct Answer:

Question 427: Cost of quality (COQ) refers to total cost of/to:

A. All efforts related to quality.
B. Product inspection activities.
C. Maintain plan quality.
D. Perform quality control.

Question 428: Design of experiments (DOE) should be used during which of the following processes?

A. Perform Quality Assurance
B. Total Quality Management
C. Perform Quality Control
D. Plan Quality Management

Question 429: In which of the following types of organizations is resource availability moderate to high?

A. Weak matrix
B. Balanced matrix
C. Strong matrix
D. Projectized

Question 430: Inputs to the Define Activities process include:

A. Project scope statement, resource calendars, and work performance information.
B. Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets.
C. Project scope statement, approved change requests, and WBS dictionary.
D. Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, and activity duration estimates.