Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 401: After Define Activities and Sequence Activities, the next process is:

A. Estimate Activity Resources.
B. Estimate Activity Durations.
C. Develop Schedule.
D. Control Schedule.

Question 402: The technique of subdividing project deliverables into smaller, more manageable components until the work and deliverables are defined to the work package level is called:

A. a control chart.
B. baseline.
C. Create WBS.
D. decomposition.

Question 403: Which baselines make up the performance measurement baseline?

A. Scope baseline, cost baseline, and schedule baseline
B. Scope baseline, project management baseline, and quality baseline
C. Cost baseline, schedule baseline, and risk baseline
D. Cost baseline, project management baseline, and schedule baseline

Question 404: Prototype development may be used as a tool for which of the following risk response strategies?

A. Avoid
B. Accept
C. Mitigate
D. Exploit

Question 405: Which index is the calculated projection of cost performance that must be achieved on the remaining work to meet a specified management goal?

A. Estimate at completion
B. Cost performance
C. Schedule performance
D. To-complete performance

Question 406: A tool and technique used during the Collect Requirements process is:

A. prototypes.
B. expert judgment.
C. alternatives identification.
D. product analysis.

Question 407: One of the objectives of a quality audit is to:

A. highlight the need for root cause analysis.
B. share the process documentation among stakeholders.
C. offer assistance with non-value-added activities.
D. identify all of the gaps or shortcomings.

Question 408: While preparing the project management plan on a weekly basis, the project manager indicates the intention to provide an issues report to the staff via e-mail. In which part of the plan will this type of information be included?

A. Communications management plan
B. Human resource plan
C. Quality management plan
D. Procurement management plan

Question 409: Which tool or technique can a project manager use to select in advance a team member who will be crucial to the task?

A. Acquisition
B. Negotiation
C. Virtual team
D. Pre-assignment

Question 410: Which of the following is a group decision-making technique?

A. Brainstorming
B. Focus groups
C. Affinity diagram
D. Plurality