Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 31: Change requests are processed for review and disposition according to which process?

A. Control Quality
B. Control Scope
C. Monitor and Control Project Work
D. Perform Integrated Change Control

Question 32: The review of a sellers progress toward achieving the goals of scope and quality within cost and schedule compared to the contract is known as:

A. Work performance information.
B. Inspections and audits.
C. Payment systems.
D. Procurement performance reviews.

Question 33: The iterative and interactive nature of the Process Groups creates the need for the processes in which Knowledge Area?

A. Project Communications Management
B. Project Integration Management
C. Project Risk Management
D. Project Scope Management

Question 34: An output of the Develop Project Team process is:

A. Organizational process assets.
B. Enterprise environmental factors updates.
C. Project staff assignments.
D. Organizational charts and position descriptions.

Question 35: The process of confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities is known as:

A. Plan Human Resource Management.
B. Acquire Project Team.
C. Manage Project Team.
D. Develop Project Team.

Question 36: Which item is an example of personnel assessment?

A. Resource calendar
B. Tight matrix
C. Team-building activity
D. Focus group

Question 37: The Plan Stakeholder Management process belongs to which Process Group?

A. Executing
B. Initiating
C. Planning
D. Monitoring and Controlling

Question 38: Which input to the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process provides guidance on how stakeholders can best be involved in a project?

A. Feedback analysis
B. Stakeholder analysis
C. Communication management plan
D. Stakeholder management plan

Question 39: A method of obtaining early feedback on requirements by providing a working model of the expected product before actually building is known as:

A. Benchmarking.
B. Context diagrams.
C. Brainstorming.
D. Prototyping.

Question 40: Which Plan Schedule Management tool or technique may involve choosing strategic options to estimate and schedule the project?

A. Facilitation techniques
B. Expert judgment
C. Analytical techniques
D. Variance analysis