Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 371: The process of identifying specific actions to be performed to produce project deliverables is:

A. Define Activities.
B. Create WBS.
C. Define Scope.
D. Develop Schedule.

Question 372: Resource calendars are included in the:

A. staffing management plan.
B. work breakdown structure (WBS).
C. project communications plan.
D. project charter.

Question 373: An input to the Collect Requirements process is the:

A. stakeholder register.
B. project management plan.
C. project scope statement.
D. requirements management plan.

Question 374: Which of the following is an input to the Develop Project Charter process?

A. Work performance information
B. Project management plan
C. Business case
D. Change requests

Question 375: The diagram below is an example of a:

A. Risk breakdown structure (RBS).
B. Project team.
C. SWOT Analysis.
D. Work breakdown structure (WBS).

Question 376: Which type of diagram includes groups of information and shows relationships between factors, causes, and objectives?

A. Affinity
B. Scatter
C. Fishbone
D. Matrix

Question 377: The item that provides more detailed descriptions of the components in the work breakdown structure (WB5) is called a WBS:

A. dictionary.
B. chart.
C. report.
D. register.

Question 378: How should a stakeholder who is classified as high power and low interest be grouped in a power/interest grid during stakeholder analysis?

A. Keep satisfied
B. Keep informed
C. Manage closely
D. Monitor

Question 379: The project has a current cost performance index of 0.80. Assuming this performance will continue, the new estimate at completion is $1000. What was the original budget at completion for the project?

A. $800
B. $1000
C. $1250
D. $1800

Question 380: Risk exists the moment that a project is:

A. planned.
B. conceived.
C. chartered.
D. executed. Section: Volume E