Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 321: In which Project Management Process Group is the project charter developed?

A. Monitoring and Controlling
B. Executing
C. Initiating
D. Planning

Question 322: When sequencing activities, what does the common acronym FF stand for?

A. Fixed Fee
B. Free Float
C. Fixed Finish
D. Finish-to-Finish

Question 323: Which is the correct formula for calculating expected activity cost for three-point estimating?

A. Ce = (C0 + 6Cm + Cp)/4
B. Ce = (6C0 + Cm + Cp)/4
C. Ce = (C0 + 4Cm + Cp)/6
D. Ce = (C0 + C„, + 4Cp) /6

Question 324: Monte Carlo is which type of risk analysis technique?

A. Probability
B. Quantitative
C. Qualitative
D. Sensitivity

Question 325: Which of the following reduces the probability of potential consequences of project risk events?

A. Preventive action
B. Risk management
C. Corrective action
D. Defect repair

Question 326: Which of the following Project Communication Management processes uses performance reports as an input?

A. Manage Stakeholder Expectations
B. Report Performance
C. Distribute Information
D. Plan Communications

Question 327: Which of the following is an output of the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

A. Project document updates
B. Organizational process assets updates
C. Change requests
D. Deliverables

Question 328: Lessons learned documentation is gathered during which of the following Project Management Process Groups?

A. Planning
B. Executing
C. Closing
D. Initiating

Question 329: The key benefit of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group is the ability to:

A. establish and manage project communication channels, both external and internal to the project team.
B. influence the stakeholders that want to circumvent integrated change control so that their changes are implemented.
C. monitor the ongoing project team against the team performance assessments and the project performance baseline.
D. observe and measure project performance regularly and consistently to identify variances from the project management plan.

Question 330: Who provides the inputs for the original estimates of activity durations for tasks on the project plan?

A. Project sponsor
B. Project manager
C. Person responsible for project scheduling
D. Person who is most familiar with the task