Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 301: A project has a current cost performance index (CPI) of 1.25. To date, US$10,000 have been spent on performing the project work. What is the earned value of the work completed to date?

A. US$5000
B. US$9500
C. US$10,000
D. US$12,500

Question 302: Which of the following characteristics are found in a functional organizational structure?

A. Little or no project manager authority, little or no resource availability, and the functional manager controls the project budget
B. Limited project manager authority, limited resource availability, and a part-time project manager’s role
C. Low to moderate project manager authority, low to moderate resource availability, and a full-time project manager’s role
D. High to almost total project manager authority, high to almost total resource availability, and full-time project management administrative staff

Question 303: Which process should be conducted from the project inception through completion?

A. Monitor and Control Project Work
B. Perform Quality Control
C. Perform Integrated Change Control
D. Monitor and Control Risks

Question 304: Which piece of information is part of the WBS Dictionary?

A. Responsible organization
B. Change requests
C. Validated deliverables
D. Organizational process assets

Question 305: When calculating the cost of quality (COQ) for a product or service, money spent for cost of conformance would include the areas of:

A. training, testing, and warranty work.
B. equipment, rework, and scrap.
C. training, document processes, and inspections.
D. inspections, rework, and warranty work.

Question 306: Which degree of authority does a project manager have on a project in a strong matrix organizational structure?

A. Limited
B. Low to moderate
C. Moderate to high
D. High to almost total

Question 307: Which of the following is developed from the project scope baseline and defines only that portion of the project scope that is to be included within a related contract?

A. Product scope description
B. Procurement statement of work
C. Project schedule
D. Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Question 308: Which of the following strategic considerations often results in project authorization?

A. Customer requests and/or issue resolution
B. Stakeholder expectations and/or strategic opportunity (business need)
C. Technological advancement and/or senior executive request
D. Market demand and/or legal requirements

Question 309: Tools and techniques used for Plan Communications include the communication:

A. requirements analysis, communication technology, communication models, and communication methods.
B. methods, stakeholder register, communication technology, and communication models.
C. requirements, communication technology, communication requirements analysis, and communication methods.
D. management plan, communication technology, communication models, and communication requirements analysis.

Question 310: In Project Cost Management, which input is exclusive to the Determine Budget process?

A. Scope baseline
B. Organizational process assets
C. Project schedule
D. Resource calendars