Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 291: Which of the following documents allows the project manager to assess risks that may require near term action?

A. Probability and impact matrix
B. Contingency analysis report
C. Risk urgency assessment
D. Rolling wave plan

Question 292: Which activity involves ensuring that the composition of a projects configuration items is correct?

A. Configuration Identification
B. Configuration Status Accounting
C. Configuration Verification and Audit
D. Configuration Quality Assurance

Question 293: Which process involves identifying and documenting the logical relationships between project activities?

A. Develop Schedule
B. Sequence Activities
C. Create WBS
D. Applying leads and lags

Question 294: Which of the following is an example of the simplest fixed-price contract?

A. Purchase requisition
B. Purchase order
C. Verbal agreement
D. Request for quote

Question 295: A method to manage stakeholder expectations in the scope statement is to clearly:

A. state the guiding principles of the organization.
B. identify alternatives to generate different approaches.
C. state what is out of scope.
D. outline the results of the Delphi technique.

Question 296: Which type of management focuses on ensuring that projects and programs are reviewed to prioritize resource allocation?

A. Project
B. Functional
C. Program
D. Portfolio

Question 297: The process of monitoring the status of the project to update project progress and manage changes to the schedule baseline is:

A. Control Schedule.
B. Quality Control.
C. Perform Integrated Change Control.
D. Develop Schedule.

Question 298: A tool and technique used during the Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process is:

A. risk data quality assessment.
B. variance and trend analysis.
C. data gathering and representation techniques.
D. risk audits.

Question 299: Quality metrics are an output of which process?

A. Plan Quality Management
B. Perform Quality Control
C. Perform Quality Assurance
D. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Question 300: The purpose of inspection in Perform Quality Control is to keep errors:

A. in line with a measured degree of conformity.
B. out of the hands of the customer.
C. in a specified range of acceptable results.
D. out of the process.