Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 271: A project management office manages a number of aspects including the:

A. Project scope, schedule, cost, and quality of the products of the work packages.
B. Central coordination of communication management across projects.
C. Assignment of project resources to best meet project objectives.
D. Overall risk, overall opportunity, and interdependencies among projects at the enterprise level.

Question 272: As part of a mid-project evaluation, the project sponsor has asked for a forecast of the total project cost. What should be used to calculate the forecast?


Question 273: A weighting system is a tool for which area of Conduct Procurements?

A. Plan contracting
B. Requesting seller responses
C. Selecting seller’s
D. Planning purchase and acquisition

Question 274: Which type of chart is a graphic representation of a process showing the relationships among process steps?

A. Control
B. Bar
C. Flow
D. Pareto

Question 275: What is a deliverable-oriented, hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables?

A. Organizational breakdown structure (OBS)
B. Work performance information
C. Work package
D. Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Question 276: What causes replanning of the project scope?

A. Project document updates
B. Project scope statement changes
C. Variance analysis
D. Change requests

Question 277: Which of the following is an output of the Distribute Information process?

A. Project calendar
B. Communications management plan
C. Organizational process assets updates
D. Project document updates

Question 278: The project scope statement and resource calendars are inputs to which Project Time Management process?

A. Sequence Activities
B. Estimate Activity Resources
C. Develop Schedule
D. Control Schedule

Question 279: Which process determines the risks that might affect the project?

A. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
B. Identify Risks
C. Plan Risk Management
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Question 280: Which of the following is an input to the Direct and Manage Project Execution process?

A. Approved change requests
B. Approved contract documentation
C. Work performance information
D. Rejected change requests