Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 261: At which point of the project is the uncertainty the highest and the risk of failing the greatest?

A. Final phase of the project
B. Start of the project
C. End of the project
D. Midpoint of the project

Question 262: Which process involves aggregating the estimated costs of the individual schedule activities or work packages?

A. Estimate Costs
B. Estimate Activity Resources
C. Control Costs
D. Determine Budget

Question 263: The CPI is .92, and the EV is US$172,500.What is the actual cost of the project?

A. US$158,700
B. US$172,500
C. US$187,500
D. US$245,600

Question 264: Which is one of the major outputs of Sequence Activities?

A. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
B. Work breakdown structure (WBS) update
C. Project schedule network diagram
D. Mandatory dependencies list

Question 265: The Human Resource Management processes are:

A. Develop Human Resource Plan, Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team, and Manage Project Team.
B. Acquire Project Team, Manage Project Team, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, and Develop Project Team.
C. Acquire Project Team, Develop Human Resource Plan, Conflict Management, and Manage Project Team.
D. Develop Project Team, Manage Project Team, Estimate Activity Resources, and Acquire Project Team.

Question 266: Organizational planning impacts projects by means of project prioritization based on risk, funding, and an organizations:

A. Budget plan
B. Resource plan
C. Scope plan
D. Strategic plan

Question 267: When does Monitor and Control Risks occur?

A. At project initiation
B. During work performance analysis
C. Throughout the life of the project
D. At project milestones

Question 268: Which schedule compression technique has phases or activities done in parallel that would normally have been done sequentially?

A. Crashing
B. Fast tracking
C. Leads and lags adjustment
D. Parallel task development

Question 269: What is the definition of Direct and Manage Project Execution?

A. Integrating all planned activities
B. Performing the activities included in the plan
C. Developing and maintaining the plan
D. Execution of deliverables

Question 270: What name(s) is (are) associated with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle?

A. Pareto
B. Ishikawa
C. Shewhart-Deming
D. Delphi