Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 251: Which of the following consists of the detailed project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary?

A. Scope plan
B. Product scope
C. Scope management plan
D. Scope baseline

Question 252: Perform Quality Control is accomplished by:

A. Identifying quality standards that are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them.
B. Monitoring and recording the results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes.
C. Ensuring that the entire project team has been adequately trained in quality assurance processes.
D. Applying Monte Carlo, sampling, Pareto analysis, and benchmarking techniques to ensure conformance to quality standards.

Question 253: Which type of estimating can produce higher levels of accuracy, depending upon the sophistication and underlying data built into the model?

A. Bottom-up
B. Three-point
C. Parametric
D. Analogous

Question 254: Activity resource requirements and the resource breakdown structure (RBS) are outputs of which Project Time Management process?

A. Control Schedule
B. Define Activities
C. Develop Schedule
D. Estimate Activity Resources

Question 255: Which of the following statements best describes the influence of stakeholders and the cost of changes as project time advances?

A. The influence of the stakeholders increases, the cost of changes increases.
B. The influence of the stakeholders decreases, the cost of changes increases.
C. The influence of the stakeholders increases, the cost of changes decreases.
D. The influence of the stakeholders decreases, the cost of changes decreases.

Question 256: Which process includes prioritizing risks for subsequent further analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact?

A. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
B. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
C. Plan Risk Management
D. Plan Risk Responses

Question 257: A procurement management plan is a subsidiary of which other type of plan?

A. Resource plan
B. Project management plan
C. Cost control plan
D. Expected monetary value plan

Question 258: To which process is work performance information an input?

A. Administer Procurements
B. Direct and Manage Project Execution
C. Create WBS
D. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Question 259: Cost baseline is an output of which of the following processes?

A. Control Costs
B. Determine Budget
C. Estimate Costs
D. Estimate Activity Resources

Question 260: Which group creativity technique asks a selected group of experts to answer questionnaires and provide feedback regarding the responses from each round of requirements gathering?

A. The Delphi technique
B. Nominal group technique
C. Affinity diagram
D. Brainstorming