Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 241: While implementing an approved change, a critical defect was introduced. Removing the defect will delay the product delivery. What is the MOST appropriate approach to managing this situation?

A. Utilize the change control process.
B. Crash the schedule to fix the defect.
C. Leave the defect in and work around it.
D. Fast-track the remaining development.

Question 242: Which type of analysis would be used for the Plan Quality process?

A. Schedule
B. Checklist
C. Assumption
D. Cost-Benefit

Question 243: Which type of analysis systemically gathers and analyzes qualitative and quantitative information to determine which interests should be taken into account throughout the project?

A. Product
B. Cost-benefit
C. Stakeholder
D. Research

Question 244: Which of the following is an output of the Define Activities process?

A. Activity list
B. Project plan
C. Activity duration estimates
D. Project schedule

Question 245: Which process documents the business needs of a project and the new product, service, or other result that is intended to satisfy those requirements?

A. Develop Project Management Plan
B. Develop Project Charter
C. Direct and Manage Project Execution
D. Collect Requirements

Question 246: Which Process Group typically consumes the bulk of a project’s budget?

A. Monitoring and Controlling
B. Executing
C. Planning
D. Initiating

Question 247: Which of the following involves making information available to project stakeholders in a timely manner?

A. Plan Communications
B. Performance reporting
C. Project status reports
D. Distribute Information

Question 248: Which process involves documenting the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all subsidiary plans?

A. Collect Requirements
B. Direct and Manage Project Execution
C. Monitor and Control Project Work
D. Develop Project Management Plan

Question 249: Assigned risk ratings are based upon:

A. Root cause analysis.
B. Risk probability and impact assessment.
C. Expert judgment.
D. Revised stakeholders’ tolerances.

Question 250: Which tool is used to develop technical details within the project management plan?

A. Expert judgment
B. Project management methodology
C. Project management information system (PMIS)
D. Project selection methods