Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 231: Taking out insurance in relation to risk management is called what?

A. Transference
B. Avoidance
C. Exploring
D. Mitigation

Question 232: During which process group is the quality policy determined?

A. Initiating
B. Executing
C. Planning
D. Controlling

Question 233: Organizations perceive risks as:

A. events that will inevitably impact project and organizational objectives.
B. the effect of uncertainty on their project and organizational objectives.
C. events which could have a negative impact on project and organizational objectives.
D. the negative impact of undesired events on their project and organizational objectives.

Question 234: In an organization with a projectized organizational structure, who controls the project budget?

A. Functional manager
B. Project manager
C. Program manager
D. Project management office

Question 235: Which enterprise environmental factors are considered during cost estimating?

A. Market conditions and published commercial information
B. Company structure and market conditions
C. Commercial information and company structure
D. Existing human resources and market conditions

Question 236: Who selects the appropriate processes for a project?

A. Project stakeholders
B. Project sponsor and project stakeholder
C. Project manager and project team
D. Project manager and project sponsor

Question 237: An input of the Control Schedule process is the:

A. resource calendar.
B. activity list.
C. risk management plan.
D. organizational process assets.

Question 238: The Verify Scope process is primarily concerned with:

A. formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables.
B. accuracy of the work deliverables.
C. formalizing approval of the scope statement.
D. accuracy of the work breakdown structure (WBS).

Question 239: Portfolio Management is management of:

A. a project by dividing the project into more manageable sub-projects.
B. a project by utilizing a portfolio of general management skills such as planning, organizing, staffing, executing, and controlling.
C. all projects undertaken by a company.
D. a collection of projects that are grouped together to facilitate effective management and meet strategic business objectives.

Question 240: Which action should a project manager take to ensure that the project management plan is effective and current?

A. Conduct periodic project performance reviews.
B. Identify quality project standards.
C. Follow ISO 9000 quality standards.
D. Complete the quality control checklist.