Over 600 PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Questions and Answers

Question 181: Which Control Stakeholder Engagement tool or technique allows the project manager to consolidate and facilitate distribution of reports?

A. Information management systems
B. Work performance reports
C. Stakeholder analysis
D. Data gathering and representation

Question 182: The scope management plan and scope baseline are contained in:

A. organizational process assets
B. a requirements traceability matrix
C. the project charter
D. the project management plan

Question 183: Projects that share common outcomes, collective capability, knowledge, or skills are often grouped into a:

A. portfolio
B. program
C. selection
D. sub portfolio

Question 184: A project requires a component with well-understood specifications. Performance targets are established at the outset, and the final contract price is determined after completion of all work based on the seller’s performance. The most appropriate agreement with the supplier is:

A. Cost Plus Incentive Fee (CPIF).
B. Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF).
C. Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF).
D. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment (FP-EPA).

Question 185: Which enterprise environmental factors may influence Plan Schedule Management?

A. Cultural views regarding time schedules and professional and ethical behaviors
B. Historical information and change control procedures
C. Risk control procedures and the probability and impact matrix
D. Resource availability and organizational culture and structure

Question 186: Which type of dependency used in the Sequence Activities process is sometimes referred to as preferred logic, preferential logic, or soft logic?

A. Internal
B. External
C. Discretionary
D. Mandatory

Question 187: Which of the Perform Quality Assurance tools and techniques may enhance the creation of the work breakdown structure (VVBS) to give structure to the decomposition of the scope?

A. Activity network diagrams
B. Affinity diagrams
C. Matrix diagrams
D. Interrelationship digraphs

Question 188: A project manager who communicates to the project team though email is using which type of communication?

A. Formal
B. Informal
C. Horizontal
D. Unofficial

Question 189: An input to the Perform Integrated Change Control process is:

A. expert judgment
B. seller proposals
C. the project charter
D. the project management plan

Question 190: Which tool or technique is required in order to determine the project budget?

A. Cost of quality
B. Historical relationships
C. Project management software
D. Forecasting