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How to Perform SEO on website with Social Media?

The Relationship between Social Media and SEO [Backlinks]
Part 1 – Websites
There has been a lot of recent talk about how social media is influencing SEO. This got me wondering about off-page SEO. So I collected data from websites and compared them with each other to check if social media influences SEO by helping websites attract more backlinks. Check out the results below:

Does having more social media followers improve SEO?
I first compared the number of social media followers with the number of backlinks. As websites gather more followers, they then attract more backlinks.

More Social Media Followers = More Backlinks

I having more followers just enough?
To support the initial findings of the above study, I compared the number of backlinks with Klout score. As the Klout score of website goes up, the number of backlinks also increases. This second finding concurs with the first study. It also shows that it may not be enough to simply have many followers. You need to increase your influence on them by being active.

Higher Klout Score – More Backlinks

And finally to show more clearly the increase in traffic…
The data for the number of backlinks was compared with the assigned Alexa rank, corresponding to individual websites within the data set to check if the backlinks had any influence in the rise in traffic. The Alexa Rank gets better as the sites get more and more backlinks.

More Backlinks = High Alexa Rank

The below graph shows that more social media followers’ result in more traffic…

More Social Media Followers = Higher Alexa Rank

These high amounts of traffic are not solely because of SEO, but also because an increasing numbers of followers will result in more shares, engagements, and clicks from the links you share on your social networks.

This study shows that investing more in social media is beneficial in the long run, as you will not only get more followers who will enthusiastically promote you, but will also influence your SEO. You will attract more backlinks automatically, thereby increasing your website traffic. If you not only narrow your focus to on-page SEO, and instead broaden your strategy by channelling more of your effort into social media, then the backlinks will accompany such endeavors.

The data presented above also indicates very well the combined effects of social networking, generating followers and backlinks, and the effect of this upon further perpetuating the evolution of a website. So in conclusion, network, and work on gaining more followers and influencing them. Also, focus on creating and sharing quality content.

By Mitt Ray, Founder of Social Marketing Writing

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