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Sales Operations (Sales Ops) is truly the unsung hero of all successful sales organizations. They operate as the central nervous system organizing and aligning signals between the brain, hands, and the rest of the body. And, if Sales Ops is the nervous system, data is the lifeblood.’s Use Case: How AI Drives Revenue Intelligence for Sales Ops Professionals

Leveraging the computing horsepower of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to both capture and analyze accurate data from the entire revenue team (sales, marketing, customer success / service), has not only become a nice-to-have for organizations but will soon become a necessity.

According to the global research company, Gartner, 30 percent of companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes by the year 2020. Savvy businesses are already incorporating AI into their daily routines, and sales teams that don’t embrace this technology risk being left behind.

Today, go-to-market teams are leveraging AI in practical and far-reaching ways through in order to drive revenue intelligence across the organization.’s Use Case for Sales Ops Professionals:

  • Increase Productivity and Reduce Operating Expenses Across the Entire Revenue Team
  • Identify Potential High Value “Whitespace” Accounts and Opportunities
  • Get Accurate Reporting and Analytics on both Sales and Marketing
  • Increase Visibility into the Full Buying Funnel to Drive Predictive Insights for both Sales and Marketing
  • Capture Previously Missed Sales Activity Data
  • Maintain an “Evergreen” CRM and Increase Company Wide Adoption

Without, you’re not getting enough out of your CRM, and you have an incomplete picture of your organization.

Through CRM Syncing technology, cutting-edge AI-driven contact and opportunity matching, sales rep benchmarking, closed-loop funnel reporting for accurate attribution, and “People Cloud” CRM maintenance — packaged all in one easy roll-out — equips Sales Ops professionals with the visibility and insights they need to close more deals.

Any recommendation I make to management regarding the direction in which to take our sales team is supported by data from – Matt Lenhart, Sales Operations at PandaDoc

Source: [The AI Platform for Data-Driven Sales and Marketing Teams]

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