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PDF Unshare V1.0 Released

PDF Unshare is a free PDF copyright protection software that encrypts and protects PDF and UPDF files with permission and authorization settings through programmatic interfaces to prevent sensitive information from being printed, edited, and copied by unauthorized users.

PDF Unshare V1.0 Released

PDF Unshare V1.0 Released

Aimed at organizations that are looking for easy-to-use encryption solutions to protect sensitive data, this software does not use passwords to protect PDF files as they can easily be shared or removed by cracking programs. Instead, PDF files are protected using individual encryption keys that are relayed to authorized devices from a web server and encrypted in a key store on the local device. The key store is locked to individual devices so it cannot be copied and moved elsewhere.

PDF Unshare provides numerous security features and in-built restrictions to protect PDF files. Most of the basic protection features are applied by default (restricted user access) where others the user can change to suit their requirements. All of these security restrictions enable users to stop PDF files from being shared with unauthorized users, control how they are used and the length that they are used by authorized parties.

As more organizations across the globe transition to user-friendly and secure data protection software, PDF Unshare provides users with a data-centric approach to security that works and is easy to use. Plus, it opens the door for future joint innovation that will help users manage their data wherever it’s shared, while at the same time reducing risk.

Key features of the PDF Unshare software include:

  • Programmatic protection (encrypt) of PDF files with specified RMS rights policies. Shields the details of implementation, allowing the user to protect and unprotect PDF files programmatically using a single application.
  • Application of dynamic security watermarks. Users can set the security watermark text and color for the PDF to prevent the authorized copying of file content via the use of screenshots, cameras, mobile phone cameras, video capture, or other similar methods.
  • Generation of activity log files that keep a history of which files are protected/unprotected and when they were protected/unprotected.
  • Restricted user access. Restricts authorized access to a single Windows PC/laptop or iPhone/Android device.
  • Enable document publishers to expire PDF files so that they can no longer be viewed after a certain amount of time.
  • Multi-language user interface. Languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Greek Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

A real alternative to Adobe, PDF Unshare offers a secure solution to PDF copyright security to both the general public and professionals.

It also has a portable version. :)

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