10 Steps Strategic Planning Process for SMB

Gather your team

Take a half day or a full day. Include employees from all key areas. Take turns leading the session.

Do SWOT Analysis

4 pieces of large paper. Brainstorm actively – Everyone talk!


Strengths: Marketing messages
Weakness: Things to work on

External: Opportunities: How to pursue?
Threats: How to avoid?
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27 Features that make up a Small Business Website

Starting with the Header:

  • An easy to remember domain name for your website.
  • A unique logo that represents your business.
  • A tagline that explains precisely and with clarity what your business does.
  • CTA (Call to Action) button that is easily recognizable.
  • Uncluttered top navigation that stands clear of everything else.
  • A phone number with a click-to-call option.

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21 Types of Content We All Crave

The content marketer’s essential guide to: 21 types of content we all crave:

  1. Content that reminds us that life is short.
  2. Content that reminds us that dreams can come true.
  3. Content that gives us faith to believe for bigger things.
  4. Content that reminds us that we matter.
  5. Content that reminds us of the overlooked or forgotten “basics”.
  6. Content that has unexpected twists.
  7. Content that tells us a story.
  8. Content that takes us along on a journey.
  9. Content that inspires us to take action.
  10. Content that makes us laugh or smile.
  11. Content that makes us cry (tears of joy or sadness)
  12. Content that reveals secrets.
  13. Content that surprises us.
  14. Content that encourages us to never give up.
  15. Content that reminds us that we are one-of-a-kind and encourages us to live that way.
  16. Content that reminds us that there’s more.
  17. Content that confirms our assumptions.
  18. Content that challenges our assumptions.
  19. Content that educates while entertaining us.
  20. Content where David defeats Goliath.
  21. Content that gives us a fresh point of view even about common things.

Source from RecessionSolution.com

More effective way to Search in Google

Googling can be fun. With this article, we share with you some common use expression or tips and tricks to get your expected result when perform search in Google.

Search is always case-insensitive
Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine Is the same as miniature donkey talk magazine.
Punctuation including @#$%^&*()=+[] and other special characters are generally ignored.

Google employs synonyms automatically
“afraid” of “garden gnomes”
Google employs synonyms automatically. Afraid will include search results for [fear] and [scared].
Double quotes around a single word tells Google to match that word precisely.
Quotes around a set of words tells Google to search those exact words in that exact order.
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How Influential is Instagram in the Fashion Industry?

The love-in between Instagram and the fashion industry can be summed up by the most “liked” Instagram image of the last 5 years; the selfie of model Kendall Jenner lying on the floor in a lace dress with her hair arranged around her into heart shapes. It gained 3.1m “likes” by itself. More than 10k Instagram users also used the hashtag #hearthair, to share their own versions of the image. Instagram is hugely influential on fashion, but where does this leave the wider fashion instry at large?
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