32 Steps on Location SEO Success Roadmap

  1. Well Designed Desktop website
  2. Mobile Responsive Website
  3. Blog Integration
  4. Business Address and phone number in the header and / or footer
  5. Customer Reviews / Testimonials page
  6. Contact page – Add a contact page with address, phone number and google map embedded of your address
  7. Redirect non-www to www or vice-versa
  8. Content – Have unique, original and high quality content on all the pages
  9. Keyword Research – Perform keyword research using Google Adwords planner
  10. Map keywords with different pages
  11. Clean url for every page – Keyword optimized url for every page
  12. Write unique titles for every page using the keywords
  13. Write unique description for every page using the keywords
  14. Heading Tags – Unique and keyword optimized h1 and h2 tags
  15. Alt Tags – Alt tags for every image
  16. Schema.org integration – Implement schema for the business name, address and phone number
  17. Internal linking – Internally link different pages of the website
  18. Facebook business page – Create a Facebook business page
  19. Add physical address, phone number, business hours, website address and introduction of your business on Facebook page
  20. Google Places Page – Claim existing Google Places listing or add a new listing of your business
  21. Address on Google Places – Make sure to use the exact address on Google Places as its mentioned on your website
  22. Website on Google Places – Add your website address to your Google Places page
  23. Categories on Google Places – Choose appropriate categories for your business on Google Places
  24. Pictures and images on Google Places – Add as mana pictures and videos as you can
  25. Introduction or About Us on Google Places – Write detailed and unique Introduction or “About Us” section for your Google Places page
  26. Business Hours on Google Places – Add your business hours
  27. Yelp business page – Claim Yelp listing of your business page and optimize it just like Google Places page
  28. Other local directories – Claim listing on all other local sites (Foursquare , Angies List, Yellow Pages etc)
  29. Get reviews on Google Places – Get more reviews for your business on Google (Send emails to prior customers to write a review for your business on Google Places.)
  30. Respond to reviews – Respond to every Google or Yelp review of your business
  31. Google Search Console – Open a Google Search Console account for your website
  32. Google Analytics – Open Google Analytics account for your website and keep tracking your results

Source from 99medialab

Email Design Trends of 2016 So Far

Email Trend Thingy #1: Make sections of your email content shareable.
Email Trend Thingy #2: Request feedback of the email in your email
Email Trend Thingy #3: Include a “Pro Tip”
Email Trend Thingy #4: Show off your best, recent instagram photo at the bottom
Email Trend Thingy #5: Give some breathing room to your Z patterns
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How Snapchat can Expand Your Brand

  • Number of daily active users on Snapchat: 100 million
  • Snapchat users that contribute content: 65%
  • Number of Snapchat daily video views: 8 billion
  • Average number of photos shared on Snapchat every second: 9,000 snapsper second
  • Snapchat’s reported 2015 revenue total: $50 million
  • Average time users spend inside the app every day: 30 minutes
  • Top country for Snapchat usage (based on % of usage by online adult in each marked): Ireland
  • Snapchat’s estimated 2016 projected revenue: $200 million
  • 70% of all Snapchat users are female
  • 30% of all Snapchat users are male

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6 Strategies to Drive Mobile App Engagement

How to get your mobile apps in great engagement with user?

use Guidance

  • Guide users on the app’s main features with an image carousel.
  • Include a welcome message when a new app version is released.
  • Take your users directly to the relevant screen on your app by using deep-linking.


  • Engage with them by announcing special offers with an interstitial image.
  • Include a friendly tutorial with a video message.
  • Make use of banner images and in-app messages to interact with users.

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