6 Strategies to Drive Mobile App Engagement

How to get your mobile apps in great engagement with user?

use Guidance

  • Guide users on the app’s main features with an image carousel.
  • Include a welcome message when a new app version is released.
  • Take your users directly to the relevant screen on your app by using deep-linking.


  • Engage with them by announcing special offers with an interstitial image.
  • Include a friendly tutorial with a video message.
  • Make use of banner images and in-app messages to interact with users.

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The CMO Guide to Social Landscape


Customer Communication: An excellent way to communicate with your followers, unique Google+ features include Hangouts, enabling face-to-face chats that can be used in a variety of ways. Circles provide a way to place people in relevant groups.

Brand Exposure: With Google’s new update to its algorithm, the majority of searches for brands are showing Google+ pages near the top. The same goes for all content and pages that have received +1s. Google+ now estimates it has 90 million users, of which 65 million are active.

Traffic to you site: Content is heavily shared and has an excellent chance of receiving traffic to individual posts. Also, the more +1s to your content and pages, the more likely you will reach the top of the SERPs due to Google’s favoring pages and sharing.

SEO: Receiving +1s to both content and pages has shown significant SERP increase. This is an excellent tool for brand management as well as content promotion for SEO purposes.
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Top Social Media Platforms Cheat Sheet: What and Why



Facebook is considered to be the best social media network for brands because it is the first one that brands joined. Brands can easily update their page and share photos with their audience. Paid advertisement on Facebook has become a very successful piece of what Facebook can offer.


All brands can benefit from having a Facebook page. It is simple to update, has an ad platform and has a large user base.
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