29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics

How do you measure the effectiveness of content? Content marketing has come a long way and there are now definitive metrics to answer this question. Here are 29 of the best metrics labeled by channel (i.e. blog/site, email, social media, assets and feeds) and grouped by the type of metric (i.e. consumption metrics, retention metrics).
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Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2016

Expanding your keywords
Every Marketing Campaign needs effective keyword research and targeting. This is to make sure the right people find your brand online.
So what do you need to do?
That’s easy; perform a review of your current keyword-base. Tools such as Long Tail Pro allow you to find the most effective keywords.
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How will Digital Marketing change in 2016

While marketers are awash in toolsets and platforms, finding and knowing your true customer is more challenging than it’s ever been. Technology continues to advance, but marketers are increasingly trying to refocus on what counts: people. Here is how Signal predicts this will change the digital marketing industry in 2016.
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5 Digital Must Do for B2B Marketing 2016

Which areas should B2B marketers devote additional digital spend to in 2016? What are the best approaches and tactics to focus on? We’ve sorted through dozens of research reports to identify five key digital approaches that are already working well for marketers and that have substantial future growth potential. We believe that if you smartly spend on each, you’ll be well positioned for the year ahead – and beyond.
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7 Ideas for Upgrading to Better Call to Action (CTA)

In marketing, the call to action (CTA) is the part of advertisement or landing page that asks visitor to take the next step. The right CTA can make people do things in a way that even the most persuasive long-form copy cannot. Crafting a strong CTA is part art, part science. In today’s post, we’ll be concerning ourselves with the science part by examining 7 ideas for creating more compelling CTAs based on the results of real A/B tests.
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5 Tips to Increase Sales During Holiday Season with Social Media

Did you know that 74% of consumers use social networks to make purchasing decisions? This means that having a social media strategy in place, especially for the holidays, is crucial to your year-end marketing. Here are a few ways you can drive sales with social media:
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Steps to Fix Windows 10 Store Error 0x803F7003

Some Windows 10 users have reported error 0x803F7003 while downloading and installing apps in Windows 10 Store. Error code of 0x803F7003 which is basically an error that does not let users download apps from the Windows 10 store. Once download, the app will moves to the download section of the Windows store app but fails to download. Below are how to fix Windows 10 store error 0X803F7003:
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