Top Social Media Strategies for Improving Lead Generation

Tapping into social media can transform lead generation efforts from “meh” to “Whoa!”. However, social has become more complicated in recent years. This article will show you:

  • How social marketing is shifting toward peer-to-peer influence marketing and away from company-to-buyer marketing.
  • How social sharing amplifies lead generation — and how to get audience to share
  • The particular advantages and best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and SlideShare
  • The key social components of successful lead-gen strategy

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15 Landing Page Ideas to Inspire Next Campaigns

Coming up with landing page ideas that will help convert visitors into customers can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. After all, small changes often mean small results. If you want to land the big fish, you’ve got to radically rethink landing pages. In this guide, we’ll share 15 inspiring landing page ideas for your own landing pages, as well as examples of how to apply these ideas based on real, successful landing pages from around the web.

  • How to strike a balance between copy and visual assets
  • When to use facts and figures
  • How to promote the credibility of your brand
  • What colors to use and how to leverage the psychology of color

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Maximize Cash Flow with AP / AR Processes

Every business owner knows the cash flow struggle. Waiting to get paid so you can pay your own bills can often create gaps in your financials. Improve your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to get more cash on hand to pay bills without worry. Get started by measuring your current cash flow and projections with information from all parts of your business.
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29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics

How do you measure the effectiveness of content? Content marketing has come a long way and there are now definitive metrics to answer this question. Here are 29 of the best metrics labeled by channel (i.e. blog/site, email, social media, assets and feeds) and grouped by the type of metric (i.e. consumption metrics, retention metrics).
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Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2016

Expanding your keywords
Every Marketing Campaign needs effective keyword research and targeting. This is to make sure the right people find your brand online.
So what do you need to do?
That’s easy; perform a review of your current keyword-base. Tools such as Long Tail Pro allow you to find the most effective keywords.
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How will Digital Marketing change in 2016

While marketers are awash in toolsets and platforms, finding and knowing your true customer is more challenging than it’s ever been. Technology continues to advance, but marketers are increasingly trying to refocus on what counts: people. Here is how Signal predicts this will change the digital marketing industry in 2016.
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5 Digital Must Do for B2B Marketing 2016

Which areas should B2B marketers devote additional digital spend to in 2016? What are the best approaches and tactics to focus on? We’ve sorted through dozens of research reports to identify five key digital approaches that are already working well for marketers and that have substantial future growth potential. We believe that if you smartly spend on each, you’ll be well positioned for the year ahead – and beyond.
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