Automated Testing Tool for Mobile App

Here are five of the automated tools for mobile app testers:


Keynote is one of the original pioneers in online performance monitoring. Keynote helps some of the world’s most well known brands optimize digital interaction and thus their bottom line. With over 700 million measurements collected daily, Keynote is paving the way in cloud based testing, monitoring, and analytics.

  • Perform mobile and load testing
  • Watch statistics come in with web, real user, and mobile application monitoring
  • Access valuable analytics with digital performance intelligence, performance optimization, and competitive intelligence.

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Comprehensive Analysis of Bitcoin

BitcoinWhat is bitcoin?
Bitcoins can be thought of as entries in a ledger.

  • When ownership changes hands, the transaction is recorded in the appropriate blockchain for that bitcoin – the bitcoin is never physically transferred anywhere.
  • The information in the blockchain is kept up-to-date and public so anyone can check if the transfer is from the rightful owner.
  • Bitcoin mining is the process of computing the transactions from operators all over the world, with no one individual or group having control.

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Mozilla Firefox Version with Opportunistic Encryption

Mozilla released Firefox Version for Windows desktop, Mac, Linux and Android OS. Mozilla Firefox Version added patches for 13 different security advisories, user-experience features and some new security improvements such as Opportunistic Encryption (OE) for servers and websites that support HTTP/2 AltSvc.
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OnePlus Released OxygenOS

OnePlus has finally released the first build of in-house version of Android, OxygenOS. OxygenOS have focused on the more basic elements and features, including eliminating lags and bugs, and better battery life. Lots of responders have complimented OxygenOS build as being fast, smooth, and without bugs. The OnePlus OxygenOS team has made the new build available for download at the OnePlus website.
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