Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the fundaments of 5G Network Monitoring

#DestinationAutomation is a six-part campaign featuring videos supported by in-depth white papers, examining how telcos and other businesses can maximize the benefits and opportunities of automation in digital transformation. We’ve already seen automation take off across many industry sectors – from smart cars to smart homes, telemedicine to finance, and retail to field service operations. #DestinationAutomation focuses on real-life use cases, so you can learn exactly how correctly implemented automation can drive your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the fundaments of 5G Network Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the fundaments of 5G Network Monitoring

Comarch new white paper, entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the Foundations of 5G Network Monitoring”, looks in-depth at how telcos can automate management processes to achieve optimized results to meet the demands of 5G and the IoT. The paper demonstrates why automation is the only way forward, and explains the importance of high-quality, well-managed data. Read on this article to learn:

  • Challenges for network management arising from 5G and the IoT
  • Artificial intelligence as a solution for network management optimization
  • The importance of good quality data for high-end automated network management
  • Customer and human resource benefits of network management automation

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Patch Management: Your Biggest Ally in the War Against Cybercrime

A majority of attacks take advantage of outdated systems and third-party applications, exploiting known vulnerabilities.

On May 24, 2019, threat intelligence company, GreyNoise, announced that it had started to detect scans that were looking for Windows systems with the BlueKeep vulnerability. Although no attacks have exploited it yet, it is vital to close the Blue-Keep vulnerability, given the likelihood of it being used in a real attack.

Patch Management: Your Biggest Ally in the War Against Cybercrime
Patch Management: Your Biggest Ally in the War Against Cybercrime

Read on this article to learn more about the dangers of vulnerabilities, the possible cybercriminal activity that may be coming to a head sooner than you think, and how Patch Management can best protect you.
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Powershell v6.2 Beginners Guide and Tutorial

IT professionals wear many hats. Whether they are addressing a helpdesk ticket to reset a user’s password, installing patches on servers or deploying software to their customers, they are responsible for a lot. Fortunately, with a tool called PowerShell at their disposal, IT pros can automate tasks, potentially reducing the time they spend on these tasks by hundreds of hours a year.

Installing PowerShell Core
Installing PowerShell Core

In this article, we’re going to cover how to get started with PowerShell v6.2 (specifically on Windows) and how it can be applied to an IT pro’s daily life to get back her much-needed time.

PowerShell 6.2 Tutorial for Beginners covers how to get started with PowerShell v6.2 and how it can be applied to an IT Pro’s daily life. Download your copy today for expert knowledge on:

  • Installing PowerShell
  • Discovering PowerShell
  • The PowerShell Pipeline
  • Writing Your First Script

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Media and Video News Headline Updated on 08 November 2019

The headline on 08 November 2019

The FCC has granted a good faith complaint by AT&T against a number of TV stations linked to Sinclair over signal negotiations. Source: Seeking Alpha > AT&T wins FCC good faith order against stations tied to Sinclair

Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, will deliver a keynote address at CES 2020. Source: BusinessWire > NBCUniversal Joins CES 2020 Keynote Lineup

WarnerMedia hired Andrew Reinsdorf as senior vice president of government relations, responsible for WarnerMedia’s federal and state legislative advocacy and constituency relations. Source: BusinessWire > WarnerMedia Names Andrew Reinsdorf Senior Vice President, Government Relations

The U.S. government charged two former Twitter employees with spying for the Saudis. The two — a former media partnerships manager for the Middle East and a former site reliability engineer — are accused of using their positions in the company to dig into personal information about Saudi critics and thousands of other Twitter users. The account of an anonymous person who angered officials with disclosures about corruption in the Saudi leadership was among those targeted by the alleged spies. Another was an account belonging to someone close to the late Jamal Khashoggi.

The U.S. reportedly launched a national security investigation into TikTok. Authorities are worried about how TikTok is gathering data, and whether China is censoring what’s seen by U.S. users. Lawmakers are also concerned that the platform could be used for foreign interference.

Australia’s government says it won’t loosen the country’s media ownership laws anytime soon. Communications Minister Paul Fletcher says he wants more time to see how recent reforms are playing out. Media execs want more flexibility to pursue acquisitions in regional areas which they hope will help them stay competitive in the digital space.

Singapore has started to register drones that weigh more than 250g. It’s also raising penalties. First-time offenders could be jailed up to 2 years and fined up to US$37,000 for flying drones without a valid permit.

Google is reportedly considering changes to its political ad policy. The WSJ says Google will start sharing these with employees this week. Google made more than $120 million over the past 18 months through political ads, which it allows across Search and YouTube.

Google Discover, which pulls up a feed of recommended content in a new tab on the mobile Chrome browser, is apparently driving more traffic to some sites than Search itself. Publishers are cautiously gleeful. “We all know the risks with algorithms. But I think this is here to stay.”

To build trust and optimism, Facebook decided to call itself FACEBOOK. You won’t see it on the app, but it appears on all corporate branding — a subtle way of telling you that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram belong to FACEBOOK. When in doubt, put a cap on it.

Twitter is notoriously bad at shipping features that they talk about. But here’s something to look forward to — you can now follow conversations in topics that you care about. So if you’re into EPL, you just need to search for that and Twitter will give you a collection of those tweets.

Do you find it annoying how some people will keep adding you to WhatsApp Groups that you don’t really care about? WhatsApp is finally letting you block some people (or everyone) from doing that.

YouTube Music is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. It works in 78 countries, which puts it almost on par with Spotify.

Facebook says it will do more to fight fake news ahead of Taiwan’s presidential election in January. Taiwan’s cybersecurity authorities have warned of rampant misinformation — the island gets about 30 million cyber attacks a month believed to come from China. In August, Facebook removed seven pages, three groups, and five accounts that it said were behind “coordinated inauthentic” actions such as posing as news orgs, and driving people to sites outside of Facebook.

Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network and Facebook announced a program to encourage the creation of new tools that could “improve fact-checkers’ scale, efficiency or workflow”. Grants of between $15,000-$70,000 are available.

Adobe, Twitter, and NYT are working on a way to add attributions directly to photos and other content. The tool will 1) record who created that content and 2) figure out if that content has been modified by someone else. Adobe showed how this could work in Photoshop, but didn’t say when it would be available.

The headline on 07 November 2019

Tegna reported third-quarter financial results. Successfully closed acquisitions of stations from Dispatch Broadcast Group and Nexstar Media Group which provide shareholder value, enhance portfolio of Big Four stations in key markets, further diversify geographic footprint and reinforce disciplined M&A strategy. Source: BusinessWire > TEGNA Inc. Reports 2019 Third Quarter Results

Amagi said it now supports more than 250 channels for its global customers using next-generation cloud solutions. Source: PR Newswire > Amagi Hits 250-Channel Milestone With Growing Demand for Cloud

The headline on 06 November 2019

Comscore reported third-quarter financial results and appointed Bill Livek as its new CEO and executive vice chairman. Source: PR Newswire > Comscore Reports Third Quarter 2019 Results and Announces Leadership Transition

Nexstar Media reported third-quarter results, announced to entered into purchase and sale agreements with Charlotte’s FOX and MyNetworkTV Affiliates for approximately $45 million and divest Seattle’s FOX and MyNetworkTV Affiliates and Milwaukee’s FOX Affiliate for approximately $350 million. Source: BusinessWire > Nexstar Media Group Enters Into De-Leveraging Buy/Sell Agreements With Fox Television Stations

Sinclair reported third-quarter results. Source: PR Newswire > Sinclair Reports Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

In order to rid an entire generation of the PTBD (Post Traumatic Browser Disorder) triggered by the use of Internet Explorer, Microsoft has redesigned Edge logo. This is a landmark, people. The new lowercase ‘e’ looks almost nothing like the old lowercase ‘e’ of the horror story that was IE. The new logo looks like a stylised wave.

Chromium-based Edge browser new logo
Chromium-based Edge browser new logo

Remember how Adobe pulled its Adobe Creative Cloud services from Venezuela because of U.S. government trade sanctions against the country? It’s back — with three months added on as an apology for the millions of Venezuelan design folks who were left hanging.

The headline on 05 November 2019

Enea Openwave successfully optimized Apple’s new streaming service, Apple TV+, over mobile networks, using unique traffic management technology. Video could make up 90% of 5G traffic, as additional video streaming services such as Disney+ are launching in Q4 2019. Source: Enea Openwave is First to Optimize Apple TV+ Streaming Service

Sabio launched App Science TV, its new advanced TV solution that enables brands to leverage data to serve highly targeted ad units via TV and mobile formats to improve the performance of ad campaigns and return on investment. Source: PR Newswire > Sabio Launches Advanced TV Solution

The headline on 04 November 2019

AT&T is reportedly soon shutting down WatchTV. Source: Cord Cutter News > AT&T Watch TV Will Reportedly Shut Down as AT&T Focuses on HBO MAX

Viant has acquired itself from media publishing powerhouse Meredith. Source: Ad Age > VIANT ACQUIRES ITSELF FROM MEREDITH

The headline on 01 November 2019

Apple TV Plus’ one-year free trial offer is showing error messages for some users, including “Your account is temporarily unavailable” or “You are not qualified for the hardware offer”How to fix is? Just update your devices with the latest software, log in to Apple TV Plus website using Apple’s Safari browser, click to accept the free 12-month Apple TV Plus subscription offer, logout then relaunch the Apple TV app and sign in again. Source: Variety > Apple TV Plus Free Trial Offer Showing Error Messages for Some Users — But There’s a Fix

The headline on 01 November 2019

Twitter banned political ads on its platform, putting pressure on Facebook to follow suit. Jack Dorsey explained Twitter’s stand noted two fundamental issues that sets social ads apart — 1) these are highly optimized, highly targeted; 2) and are delivered at speed. But Jack’s most astute observation is framed in the last tweet of this thread: “This isn’t about free expression. This is about paying for reach. And paying to increase the reach of political speech has significant ramifications that today’s democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle. It’s worth stepping back in order to address.”

Some of Facebook’s employees want the company to ban political ads, at least 250 of them. These employees made their opposition known in a letter to the chief.

Australia’s competition regulator sued Google, saying it misled users into sharing personal data. The suit says the company left on, by default, a setting that allowed Google to collect location data.

Downloads of the teen-favorite TikTok app are slowing down for the first time since it launched. The decline in downloads seems correlated to how much ByteDance has been spending on ads.

A new report from DW Akademie suggests donors should think in terms of “viability” and not just “sustainability”. It said donors should adopt “core funding on principle”, rather than trying to fund specific investigations, or content on specific areas.

WhatsApp sued Israeli firm NSO, alleging the company infected devices with surveillance-ware. WhatsApp says 1,400 phones were hacked — mainly those belonging to journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, and diplomats. NSO Group says it’ll fight the case. “The sole purpose of NSO is to provide technology to licensed government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to help them fight terrorism and serious crime.”

BBC’s news site is now available on the dark web on the Tor network. This is part of the BBC’s plan to make its content available to countries like China, Iran and Vietnam, which have been blocking access to the BBC.

Crowdfunded startup Hong Kong Free Press has been sustaining itself through the goodwill of people. This week, a newlywed couple decided to donate all their wedding gifts to the team.

The Ken launched corporate subscriptions. Sign up your whole team. If you add 10 or more, you’ll get a 30-day free subscription for everyone.

India’s rural journalism news org Khabar Lahariya introduced a new subscription product. Sound, Fury and 4G covers the views of the country’s rural youth.

China’s tech news site 36Kr set the terms for its IPO in the U.S. It plans to raise $63 million, much lower than its initial target of $100 million.

Email service Substack started with a belief that there should be a better way for writers to make money from their work. “We see an enormous opportunity in this moment of reconfiguration, where new voices will emerge, new kinds of businesses will be built, and everyone can benefit from rewarding relationships.” Substack just turned two. This is where they’re headed.

Google launched its second innovation challenge for news orgs in Asia Pacific. This time, they’re looking to support projects that increase audience engagement. These projects will have “clear indicators showing the impact of the project from a user perspective and/or for a business perspective”. Google will fund up to $250,000 to selected projects. Applications close on January 7, 2020.

WAN-IFRA and Facebook launched Newsroom Transformation 2020, a six-month training program for news orgs across Southeast Asia. This program covers four key areas of digital transformation: culture, journalism, audience, and operations.

Facebook is looking for a News Program Lead in the media partnerships team to “build and operationalize new news products, including a new surface for news”. The role is based in Singapore.

Mobile Technology and Wireless Communication News Headline Updated on 08 November 2019

The headline on 08 November 2019

Microsoft certifies 3 SD-WAN vendors to deliver Office 365. While it announced its first networking partners today, Microsoft is still working with other vendors that want to be certified. Those vendors include Cisco, Oracle and Riverbed. Source: AsiaOne > Microsoft Office 365 Announces New Partnerships to Optimize O365 Networking

Sprint unveils new unlimited perks including Amazon Prime and Hulu. Source: Sprint Newsroom > New ‘Sprint Perks’ Unlocks $875 in Value for Customers on its Top-Tier Unlimited Plan

Sprint offers more savings and value to 130 million hard-working Americans
Sprint offers more savings and value to 130 million hard-working Americans

PCTEL reported revenue of $23.6 million in the third quarter. Source: BusinessWire > PCTEL Reports $23.6 Million in Third Quarter Revenue

AT&T announced it reached its goal of hiring 20,000 military veterans one year ahead of schedule. Source: AT&T Reaches Goal of Hiring 20,000 Veterans Ahead of Schedule

The headline on 07 November 2019

Sequans Communications and Seong Ji Industrial announced that Seong Ji’s LTM600 LTE Cat M1/NB1 module, based on Sequans’ Monarch chip, has been certified by LGU+, one of Korea’s leading mobile operators. Source: Sequans and Seong Ji Announce New LTE-M/NB-IoT Module Based on Sequans’ Monarch Technology Now Certified in South Korea

Smarsh announced its cloud-native Enterprise Archive solution was now available to bring cloud scale and multi-cloud deployments to the enterprise information archiving space. Source: Yahoo Finance > Cloud-Native Archive from Smarsh Delivers Global Enterprises Unprecedented Flexibility and Scale

Alphabet’s board of directors has opened an investigation into how executives handled claims of sexual harassment and other misconduct, including behavior of Chief Legal Officer David Drummond. Source: CNBC > Alphabet’s board of directors is investigating executives over inappropriate relationships

Counterpoint forecasts more than 200 million 5G smartphones will ship in 2020. Source: Counterpoint > 5G-Enabled Platforms Will Proliferate in 2020

Chinese state media reports China has officially started researching sixth-generation telecoms (6G) technology, aiming to promote the latest wireless innovation. Source: Reuters > China kicks off work on 6G research, state media say

The headline on 06 November 2019

Apple has published four new white papers outlining technical details of certain privacy features in its newest operating systems. Source: Reuters > Apple publishes new technical details on privacy features

Huawei’s chief executive said the Chinese tech giant can survive without the U.S. and that he’s not concerned with China-U.S. trade talks. Source: WSJ > Huawei Founder Says Chinese Giant Doesn’t Need the U.S.

Ericsson released a new report outlining how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can help to boost cost-efficient customer experiences as 5G drives Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. Source: Ericsson report: AI-powered operations key to improving customer experience

Huawei is not yet directly engaged with any U.S. company over the firm’s proposal to ease concerns about the security of its platform by licensing its 5G network technology. Source: Reuters > Huawei founder says not yet talking directly with U.S. firms to license 5G

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that Vitess, a database clustering system, has graduated from the incubation stage. Cloud native database system reaches version 4.0 with focus on usability and performance. Source: Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Vitess Graduation

The headline on 05 November 2019

U.S. Cellular announced new unlimited plans starting at $30 per line/month for four lines. Source: BusinessWire > U.S. Cellular Offers Customers Choice and Customization with New Unlimited Plans Starting at $30 per Month

U.S. Cellular's new Basic, Everyday and Even Better Unlimited Plans let customers choose and customize a plan to match their lifestyle
U.S. Cellular’s new Basic, Everyday and Even Better Unlimited Plans let customers choose and customize a plan to match their lifestyle

Ericsson and OPPO have established a joint 5G lab in Shenzhen, China, focusing on 5G innovation. Source: Ericsson and OPPO strengthen 5G collaboration

Deutsche Telekom is now offering its enterprise customers new IT services and applications for Apple Mac devices, includes deployment infrastructure, app development, Office 365 integration and flexible leasing. Telekom also provides AppleCare for Enterprise and device lifecycle management for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Source: Telekom Media > Telekom to offer new services for Apple business customers

Infinera announced it has rescheduled the release of its financial results for the third fiscal quarter from tomorrow afternoon to pre-market opening on Nov. 12. Source: Yahoo Finance > Infinera to Reschedule Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Conference Call to November 12, 2019

The headline on 04 November 2019

Vodafone Group announced that Vivek Badrinath will be appointed CEO of its new European tower company (TowerCo) effective 1 April 2020. TowerCo will be legally separated into a new organisation and will become operational by May 2020. Source: Vodafone announces executive committee changes

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said licenses for American companies to sell components to Huawei would be coming “very shortly.” Source: Bloomberg > Ross Optimistic on China Deal, Trump Wants It Signed in U.S.

Ciena has officially closed its acquisition of Centina Systems, which will be integrated into Blue Planet division. Source: blueplanet blog > Closing the Loop: Ciena closes acquisition of Centina

The work of integrating Centina’s software within Blue Planet has already begun.
The work of integrating Centina’s software within Blue Planet has already begun.

U.S. government funding in artificial intelligence has fallen short and the country needs to invest in research, train an AI-ready workforce and apply the technology to national security missions, according to an independent government-commissioned panel. Source: Reuters > U.S. urged to invest more in AI; ex-Google CEO warns of China’s progress

KP Performance Antennas expanded its line of TV White Space (TVWS) antennas to include support for frequencies from 470-698 MHz and 2×2 MIMO radios. Source: KP Performance Antennas Releases New Flat Panel TVWS Antenna

The headline on 01 November 2019

AT&T has added three new opt-in automatic fraud call blocking related features to its free Call Protect app, meant to help users avoid unwanted robocalls.

  • Calls identified as “Spam Risk” can now be blocked automatically for no charge.
  • Calls from anyone not in your address book can be sent to voicemail automatically.
  • Calls can be blocked using Siri shortcuts. “Hey Siri, block the last call.”

Source: AT&T Call Protect Adds More Features at No Charge

Nokia launched NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations, which the vendor said replaces manually intensive approaches to cybersecurity with automated processes that leverage machine learning, threat intelligence, and analytics. Source: Nokia Press Release > Nokia launches NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations for 5G era

Inseego announced that it has donated 4G LTE MiFi mobile hotspots to the Northern California VOAD network to provide critical communications during the power outages and wildfires that have displaced hundreds of thousands of residents statewide. In addition, powered by Sprint and Verizon, Inseego is donating backup batteries and solar-powered portable chargers for recharging wireless devices in remote locations and harsh conditions. Source: BusinessWire > San Diego-based Inseego Donates Mobile Hotspots to Disaster Relief Organizations Throughout the State of California

Senior government officials in multiple U.S.-allied countries were targeted earlier this year with hacking software that used Facebook’s WhatsApp to take over users’ phones. Source: Reuters > Exclusive: Government officials around the globe targeted for hacking through WhatsApp – sources

Achieve Multi-cloud Agility with Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric

As organizations progress on their journey to cloud adoption, many will encounter situations where a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solution fits into their overall strategy.

Achieving Multi-cloud Agility with Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric
Achieve Multi-cloud Agility with Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric

This article explains how Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric enables organizations to privately interconnect all sites and cloud deployments, without the need for any physical infrastructure.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Achieving Multi-cloud Agility with Pureport’s Multicloud Fabric
  • Current solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud are limited and costly—but new, streamlined solutions offer more options
  • Interconnectivity is slow and complex with other solutions—whereas a Multicloud Fabric simplifies cloud-to-cloud connectivity, providing connections within minutes Conflicting IP Addresses can prevent the use of various features—but Cloud Grade NAT offers a solution
  • Other solutions have too many constraints—but a Multicloud Fabric offers freedom

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Five Ways to Improve Network Performance with Active Monitoring

What will happen to application performance if you migrate to cloud infrastructure? What will happen to user experience if traffic increases? You don’t have to wait for users to let you know. Read on this article to learn how you can use active monitoring to improve network performance.

Five Ways to Improve Network Performance with Active Monitoring
Five Ways to Improve Network Performance with Active Monitoring

Anticipate and prevent performance issues, validate your hybrid infrastructure, and accelerate network troubleshooting when you use synthetic traffic simulations. Keep your network running at peak performance. This article gain insight into how active monitoring provides advantages you can’t get from the traditional reactive approach.
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How To Decode Multi-Cloud Management Solution Strategy

According to RightScale’s 2018 State of the Cloud Report, 81% of large enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy in place. On average, that strategy is supporting applications on at least five different cloud platforms. With the majority of today’s enterprises implementing a multi-cloud strategy, it’s critical to ensure yours aligns with your overall business objectives.

How To Decode Multi-Cloud Management Solution Strategy
How To Decode Multi-Cloud Management Solution Strategy

This article decodes how and why a multi-cloud strategy can transform business operations and benefit your bottom line. It also details:

  • What it means to be cloud-ready
  • The pros and cons of a hybrid cloud strategy
  • How to connect cloud KPIs to business goals
  • Definitions of cloud-managed solutions
  • Key considerations for a multi-cloud environment

Read on this article for a detailed look at the specific, actionable strategies you need to make informed management decisions.
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Architecting Front-End Stack for Multi-Screen Pay TV Services

With direct-to-consumer OTT experiences increasingly becoming the economic growth vehicles for media and technology companies, platform fragmentation can create a compounding problem that will impact business velocity if not managed correctly. Read on this article to learn about strategic imperatives as it relates to choosing a cross-platform framework that underpins your front-end tech stack.

Architecting a Front-End Stack for Multi-Screen Pay TV Services
Architecting a Front-End Stack for Multi-Screen Pay TV Services

These imperatives will be split into three key factors that need to be addressed when mapping out a long-term app development strategy:

  • Hardware & Operating System Agnostic: Within the connected ecosystem, there is a huge variety of devices. Broad platform coverage is critical to support how viewer’s consumption patterns evolve.
  • Responsive to Personalization and Optimization: Finding a framework that can collect uniform data across every platform and iterate at scale is a requisite of tomorrow.
  • Built for Developer and Designer Productivity: Market-leading user experiences are built by teams and empowered by tools, and the tooling must be embraced and loved by the developers and designers using it.

Make the most out of your development cycle by choosing a cross-platform framework that can withstand evolving viewer behaviors and expanding platform ecosystems, while improving your team’s productivity at scale.

With strong competition provided by a vibrant D2C market, Pay TV operators must also provide a first-class subscription service experience on a similar array of devices – this article will explore and assess technology approaches that will power your cross-platform development and underpin your front-end tech stack. In the premium video OTT space, the cross-platform problem is complex – read this article to help evaluate which cross-platform framework is right for your OTT development strategy.
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Research and Insights of Why the Time Is Now to Transition TDM to IP

Within the last decade, transitioning from TDM to IP has no longer become a question of “if” but rather “when.” TDM maintenance costs are rising, regulations are changing, and the additional revenue opportunities unlocked by IP telephony are getting harder to discount. Once the benefits have caught up to the costs, it’ll be time to make the switch. But is that time now?

Research and Insights of Why the Time Is Now to Transition TDM to IP
Research and Insights of Why the Time Is Now to Transition TDM to IP

To find out, we conducted an in-depth survey of 102 telecommunications service providers that currently operate TDM networks. Of those surveyed, 55% of respondents maintain networks in North America, 11% in EMEA, 11% in APAC and India, and 23% in the rest of the world. Here’s what we learned.
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How to Enable High-Performance ETL Processing to Automate Data Transforming Into Cloud Data Warehouse

You have massive amounts of data, but the truth is that data alone does not guarantee better business decisions. Perhaps you’ve made a good start by selecting a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake or Amazon Redshift. And now, your data needs to be moved and transformed to uncover business insights. What you need is a cloud-native data transformation solution.

How to Enable High-Performance ETL Processing to Automate Data Transforming Into Cloud Data Warehouse
How to Enable High-Performance ETL Processing to Automate Data Transforming Into Cloud Data Warehouse

Read How to Enable High-Performance ETL Processing to learn how to simplify data migration to a cloud data warehouse and maximize the benefits of your investment. You’ll discover how to automate data transformation while reducing your development time and costs.
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How To Build A Successful Career As Cloud Engineer

Demand for talented and experienced cloud professionals has been escalating, as more and more organizations are moving their workloads to the cloud. This article provides an overview of what the job entails, the various types of cloud-related positions, necessary skills and programming language knowledge, salary and market considerations, and information on interview preparation and training resources.

How To Build A Successful Career As Cloud Engineer. Image: ShutterStock
How To Build A Successful Career As Cloud Engineer. Image: ShutterStock

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Actionable Black Friday Insight and How to Make The Most of Purchase Indicators with Personas

Your Black Friday briefing has landed. Find out what we learned by analyzing a decade’s worth of orders.

There have been seismic shifts in consumer culture over the last 10 years. Marketing tech has had to develop at lightning speed to keep up with shoppers’ changing behaviors.

Actionable Black Friday Insight and How to Make The Most of Purchase Indicators with Personas
Actionable Black Friday Insight and How to Make The Most of Purchase Indicators with Personas

So, we gathered and analyzed a decade’s (!) worth of order data and identified trends that will make or break your marketing decisions this holiday season. We set out to reveal:

  • whether Black Friday really is all that it’s stacked up to be
  • what shopping trends we can uncover by looking at millions of transactions
  • which shopper personas prove to be most receptive to Black Friday marketing
  • and the things you shouldn’t be doing as a marketer

This article highlights our key findings and offers some easy-to-apply tactics that will make November 2019 your best month yet.
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5 Ways Leading Brands Are Mastering Digital Behavior and Expectation through Interactive

The digital interactions between a brand and its customers have become an instrumental part of their overall customer experience. Consumers now expect a seamless experience from every brand they interact with – across multiple digital and offline properties. Experience leaders like Netflix, Amazon and Uber set the tone for frictionless (maybe even enjoyable) digital brand-to-customer engagement.

5 Ways Leading Brands Are Mastering Digital Behavior and Expectation through Interactive
5 Ways Leading Brands Are Mastering Digital Behavior and Expectation through Interactive

The big challenge for brands is to cut through the complexity. How do they build an understanding of the complicated and unpredictable ways in which customers behave? How do they move from data-to-insight, and then insight-to-action quickly, and at scale, to meet customer expectations?
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Personalizing the User Experience for Better Customer Interaction and Engagement on Website

Adaptive Web: Eliminate the Guesswork to Generate More Sales Website personalization is crucial for any business committed to attracting, engaging, and converting more leads and empowers brands to own the customer journey from beginning to end. Unfortunately, delivering top-notch customized content can require an unsustainable amount of time and resources.

Personalizing the User Experience for Better Customer Interaction and Engagement on Website
Personalizing the User Experience for Better Customer Interaction and Engagement on Website

The solution? Adaptive Web creates custom website experiences for each visitor with no additional work for the marketer — making website personalization easy and attainable for any organization.

Read on to know more about:

  • The difference between segmentation and personalization
  • Key challenges to website personalization
  • Which steps are required to provide a more tailored website experience
  • How to make website personalization a reality with Act-On Adaptive Web

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