Solved: How do I fix 0x887c0032 Error Can’t Play Video or Audio and Cut Off Randomly?

Problem: Windows user reported video and audio sound stops playing with Error Code 0x887c0032 prompted when trying to play. The same error happens when playing MP3/MP4, YouTube, Windows Media Player, Groove Music app, Movies & TV app, Media Player app, Xbox Video Music Pass, after Windows restarted, and reinstall the app.

The detail error message as below:

Can’t play Video or Audio
Error Code 0x887c0032

Can't play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can’t play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can't play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can’t play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can't play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can’t play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can't play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032
Can’t play Video or Audio. Error Code 0x887c0032

Follow below solution steps to troubleshoot and fix Error 0x887c0032.

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Media and Marketing News Headlines Update on September 16, 2020

The art of livestreaming

Livestreaming is the great media leveller where anyone with a recording device and connection can be noticed and listened to. You don’t need a famous profile, just a great idea and little on-camera personality. As social distancing becomes the norm, you can expect more brands embracing livestreaming.

What do the figures say?

There is definitely a market for livestreaming. Between March and April this year, the sector grew 45% and year-on-year the industry has grown by 99%. In terms of monetary value, it’s estimated that China’s livestream shopping sector is worth $66 billion. This is essentially online personalities, or influencers, talking about products they like. It’s a more interactive version of TV shopping — a mix of entertainment and e-commerce.

So what can you livestream?

Anything that’s visually appealing will work. Fashion label Burberry recently announced a partnership with Twitch to stream its Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show. One of the stranger streaming trends is mukbang aka eating broadcast, a Korean phenomenon where people watch strangers eat huge amounts of food. It’s not as crazy as it sounds; restaurants struggling during the COVID-19 lockdown are encouraging guests to livestream their dining experiences. Basically, if you can film it, you can livestream it.

Where is adtech headed?

While most of the recent focus on TikTok has been on scandals — geopolitical wrangling between China and the US being the main one — few have focussed on how the video sharing platform is changing adtech. The platform’s Ad Manager creates ads that don’t look like ads but regular TikTok videos. Machine learning is then used to boost performance and personalisation. 89% of marketers on TikTok achieve higher conversion rates using the platform’s own algorithms than manual optimisation.

The push for ad relevance

It’s not just machine learning driving more successful digital advertising. A digital signage business is already utilising facial recognition to give customers even more personalised ads. There could be a push against this type of personalisation though. The alleged end of third party cookies is a result of privacy concerns from consumers and it’s believed the demise of this practice will lead to adtech based on customers’ personas rather than personal data.

The push for privacy

Privacy appears to be the main stumbling block for adtech marketers looking to improve the service. And it’s a costly error if they ignore privacy concerns and laws. Last month it was announced that both Salesforce and Oracle were facing a $1,58 billion class action in the Netherlands for the misuse of cookies. You need to ask consumers to use this data and increasingly, customers are reluctant to share. Balancing privacy and relevancy will be the challenge for adtech.

We will be able to travel again one day, and when we can, Hyatt wants you to place the Japanese city of Kanazawa on the top of your destination list. #HyattCentricExplorer

HP has created a student time capsule where older, wiser 18-year-olds read the letters they wrote to themselves six-years ago. #HP #HPGarage #Dearfutureme

IKEA reimagines the Tortoise and Hare fable, complete with the Hare hitting his local bar and downing a kebab after a few drinks.

IKEA – The Hare from Sam Pilling on Vimeo.

Everyone knows what neuromorphic computing is right? Intel explains how new technology is based on human brain functions.

Footwear brand Allbirds enlist one half of Flight of the Conchords, Bret McKenzie, to explain carbon footprints and shore manufacturing

Emerging Technology Industry News Headlines Update on September 15, 2020

New Intel 11th Generation Tigerlake CPU and the latest Iris GPU showcase by Dave2D.

AMD Showcases Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Card on Twitter. New RDNA 2 GPUs will have a brand new cooling design when launched.

Tencent and Didi Chuxing will join a $516 million investment into an electric vehicle business belonging to Evergrande Group, aims to raise around HK$4 billion in a private placement of shares from at least six investors including Tencent and Didi.

Smartphone makers race to 5G amid the post-COVID slump

The global economic downturn caused by COVID-19 was always going to hit the smartphone market. But as smartphone makers shifted their conferences online, pandemic conditions eased up in China, making it the only phone market in the world that saw sequential growth in the second quarter of the year.

But behind the dazzling results lurk some worrying realities that have cast a shadow over both China’s prospects and the global smartphone market. Huawei is trapped under sanctions. Oppo and Vivo have proved limited in their capacity to produce top-notch handsets.

Function fatigue has set in among consumers. For years, manufacturers have bet on camera technology to sell new devices. Consumers are eager for truly disruptive innovation to raise its head.

  • Apple’s latest two models, the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, found big success in the Chinese market. Their upcoming 5G model is hotly anticipated. Apple expects the new device to launch in keeping with its annual schedule, but sales and deliveries might face pandemic-induced delays.
  • US sanctions have piled up on Huawei’s supply chains. Its relationship with the Google Play Store has been severely disrupted and its semiconductor supply seems to be running dry. Huawei hopes that HarmonyOS will replace the Google Play Store, but it may take a while before it breaks into international markets. The operating system is set to launch in 2021.
  • Xiaomi was already lagging behind its peers in market share and R&D spending; Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, and lost ground in the domestic market in 2020. Its setbacks overseas have been worse as it lost production and order capacity due to the COVID-19. In India, Xiaomi’s overall shipments fell 48.7% year-on-year. Xiaomi has tried to diversify into the Internet of Things (IoT) products. But despite growth in IoT sales prior to 2020, Xiaomi remains a smartphone company. Its handset shipments account for 50.1% of its total revenue.
  • Oppo has increased its investments overseas and established a semiconductor company called Zheku Technology. Oppo has always focused on marketing and offline channels and has suffered a lot during the COVID-19 year. Its eye-catching advertisements are increasingly unable to cover up performance shortcomings. These are now compounded by anti-China sentiment in India, which sent shipments to India plummeting in the second quarter by 51% year-on-year. In desperate times, Oppo wants to reorganize its product line by bringing back veterans of the brand, strengthen differentiation, guard its market share, and regain the attention of its customers—who have very much glanced away.

Optimizing PostgreSQL Performance in 5 Steps

PostgreSQL is one of the most common open-source database management systems available today. But how can you get the most from its scalable, high-performance, and extensive architecture? Read on this article to learn 5 strategies and approaches that can help you get the most from your PostgreSQL databases.

Optimizing PostgreSQL Performance in 5 Steps
Optimizing PostgreSQL Performance in 5 Steps. Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

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Effectively Manage and Protect Your Endpoints using Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Solution

How can you effectively manage your growing fleet of endpoints and devices while successfully avoiding attacks?

Effectively Manage and Protect Your Endpoints using Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Solution
Effectively Manage and Protect Your Endpoints using Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Solution. Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Limiting users isn’t the best answer. People expect to access the tools and resources they need, when they need them, and on the devices of their choice. But, as the number of endpoints increase, so do attacks.

You need intelligent technology that protects all devices in your ecosystem, adapts dynamically – and finds vulnerabilities before attackers do.

You don’t just need a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, you need a Unified Endpoint Management and Protection solution.
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Going Digital in the Field Services Industry

Learn the benefits and opportunities that the digital revolution offers for the field service industry. As we venture into a new digital technology age, the business world is undergoing a shift into integrated services through cloud computing and digitization. The digital revolution offers enhanced benefits and opportunities to the field service industry-transforming customer-facing processes and streamlining back end processes. Read on this article to learn more.

Going Digital in the Field Services Industry
Going Digital in the Field Services Industry. Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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