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Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Fail

No market need: Startups succeed because they are solving a particular problems users are experiencing. Run out of cash: Startups can run out of cash not just when they are underfunded, but when they receive too much and spend recklessly. Not the right team: Lack of motivation, expertise or common vision can all contribute to …

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Women In Tech

Where are the women in tech? Just 17% of Microsoft’s workforce are women. 23% of technology companies in London have no women in senior positions. UK workforce: 46% female, only 15% of the IT professional workforce is female. Women at Apple are only 20% of workforce.

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Top Social Media Strategies for Improving Lead Generation

Tapping into social media can transform lead generation efforts from “meh” to “Whoa!”. However, social has become more complicated in recent years. This article will show you: How social marketing is shifting toward peer-to-peer influence marketing and away from company-to-buyer marketing. How social sharing amplifies lead generation — and how to get audience to share …

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