5 Signs Show Your ERP System is Outdated

It’s not uncommon to see organizations hanging on to an older IT infrastructure. For myriad reasons, some companies don’t want to make the switch to a more robust ERP backbone and make the necessary updates to their existing systems. While there’s nothing wrong with a conservative approach, businesses that hang on to old systems are actually doing more harm than good to their success. Listed below are five signs that an ERP system is out of date along with examples of the negative impacts it has on a company’s operations:
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Five Recommendations for Implementing IT Agility

IT agility as the extent to which your IT capability including IT people, processes, and tools increases your organisation’s performance. The greater IT agility the higher business performance. It has to do with how well the flexibility of your IT people, processes, organizational configuration, governance mechanisms and tools facilitate and accelerate the workflows within your IT organization to enable expected business performance.
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General Availability of RightScale Cloud Analytics

RightScale Inc. announced the general availability of RightScale Cloud Analytics, the first multi-cloud cost management solution that integrates with a cloud management platform to enable users to take action on insights by analyze and forecast costs then implement budget controls and adjust spend where needed.
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SAP AG Cut 20% Procurement Costs with Ariba Procurement Solutions

“My first task,” says Vollmer, the company’s chief procurement officer, “was to make sure more than 200 procurement personnel were allocated to the right function.” And, with more than 65,000 employees in facilities across more than 130 countries, he also transitioned SAPs corporate procurement policy away from local market purchasing to a more globally centered operation.
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Education NZ Implemented Private Cloud to Improve User Experience

Education New Zealand has deployed a Microsoft private cloud in the third and final phase of a programme of work that focused on improving the user experience of its staff who are spread in 20 global locations. The deployment was completed by the firm’s partner Dimension Data (DiData).
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