Key Questions to Ask When Choosing Accounting Software

Today most of company use accounting software to monitor expenses and revenues, do estimates and invoicing, and much more. Manual bookkeeping and documentation are gradually disappearing in this modern tech solution that boosts efficiency and reduces errors. A number of providers are offering different types of accounting software; the challenge lies in choosing the right one for your business. Here are four questions to guide you in the process to choose the Best Accounting Software for Your Business :
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How Cloud ERP Help in Business Intelligence

In modern times, Big Data analytics has been one of the primary sources of business intelligence acquisition. Tools like Hadoop have revolutionized the way enterprise businesses interpret the millions of data points that they own about customer behavior and turn them into meaningful inferences. But before the data reaches this stage, it passes through the several modules of an ERP system – an ERP system handles the whole gamut of operations right from demand estimation, to inventory purchase, stockpiling, distribution, sales and revenue generation. As a result, cloud ERP plays quite a crucial role in generating the most accurate information for business intelligence. Here are some ways it is done.
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