Cloud9 Real Time showcase at Boomer Summit 2014

Cloud9 Real Time will be bringing dynamic Cloud solutions to the 2014 Boomer Technology Circles (BTC) Summit in Kansas City, Missouri August 18-19. The only event of its kind for the accounting industry, the annual BTC Summit extends the networks of high performance firms as they interact with one another and discover value-added solutions from the industry’s best providers such as Intuit, Thomson Reuters, and Wolters Kluwer CCH.
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Key Differentiating Features of FileCloud

Following video provides a quick 90 seconds introduction to some important features of FileCloud. FileCloud is a leading private cloud solution that has tons of features. This video explains some of the key differentiating features. Please visit ‘’ to learn more about all the unique features that make FileCloud the leader in private cloud.
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5 Use Cases for Private Cloud Optimisation

When deciding what workloads to run in a private cloud, businesses should focus on those that are easy to implement and add value to the business. New workloads that scale-out, taking advantage of a private cloud’s architecture, or those that can be standardised for access via a self-service catalog are typically easier to implement than a monolithic, scale-up legacy application. Additionally, organisations will get more value out of their private cloud from use cases in which enhanced agility and rapid responsiveness as a business matters and having servers dedicated to a workload is a suboptimal use of resources. Here are five use cases that best utilize a private cloud and deliver increased ROI.
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China Petroleum Deployed Microsoft Private Cloud

China Petroleum over 60 OA system, the three larger systems were 400,000, 150,000 and 120,000 subscribers. By deploying Microsoft private cloud, China Petroleum OA system allows physical servers to one fifth of the original amount of abatement, saving millions of dollars in investment in disaster recovery, saving investment VDI projects more than 40 percent, saving up to 60% storage investments. Continue reading “China Petroleum Deployed Microsoft Private Cloud”

CoreOS buying for Docker Form Application Development

In order to speed up development of applications in the form of Docker containers, CoreOS said today that it’s buying Quay developed software that companies can use to stitch together applications while keeping their creations safe and isolated from the rest of the world.
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American Data Centers Joined NAKIVO Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Ecosystem

American Data Centers announced that it has joined the NAKIVO Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Ecosystem. American Data Centers can now offer cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service powered by NAKIVO Backup & Replication Cloud Provider Edition. As an ecosystem member, American Data Centers can deliver fast, reliable, and affordable cloud backup and disaster recovery services for VMware environments, including onsite VM backup for fast operational recovery as well as VM backup and replication to the cloud for disaster recovery.
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WatchDox Cloud Content Connector Available

The Palo Alto announced the availability of Cloud Content Connectors, a way for customers to access and share files across platforms from behind a single dashboard. To simplify, WatchDox is going with the “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach — except WatchDox is more like partnering with them instead of joining them.
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