Google Calendar Support Third-party Internationalized Email Addresses

As announced recently for Gmail, we are launching support for internationalized email addresses in Google Calendar. This will allow people to use email addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters to invite guests and share calendars, and perform any other action where email addresses are used by Calendar.
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10 Key Benefits of Facebook Campaigns

Quality likes
As people start exercising more free will in deciding to like your page, the quality of your page’s audience will only improve.

Community activation
Put your fan base to good use, show them content they can’t wait to share and drive engagement.

Data capture
Build new contacts within your target audience by gathering high quality customer data.

Detailed customer insight
Find out key information about potential and existing customers’ preferences for targeted marketing.

Website traffic
Drive significant traffic to your website by building in mechanics where users have to find out more about a product or service.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Social media channels are helping to dictate how high or low of your website ranks in search engines so optimise your posts!

Audience reach
Campaigns should be supported by promoted posts and ads, as well as blogger outreach and influencers to drive huge audience reach.

Direct sales
If your customers and potential new customers are on Facebook, then it’s the right social channel for the job!

Commercial tracking
Google Analytics will enable you to monitor traffic and the visitor journey to see how they use your site and if / when they buy.

User generated content (UGC)
Quality user content can be re-used, is more likely to be shared and can be tracked with campaign hashtags.

Ultrachem Inc. has selected DEACOM ERP for Operations

Deacom, Inc., creator of an modern, single system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution specifically for chemical manufacturing and other process-based manufacturing industries, announced today that Ultrachem Inc., producer of high quality specialty synthetic lubricants for the OEM and industrial maintenance markets, has selected DEACOM ERP to streamline and strengthen their growing operations.
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Hybrid Cloud ERP Systems may be Perfect Middle Ground

While enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has become critical to the success of many businesses over the past decade, the convergence of ERP and the cloud remains a fairly rare occurrence despite the benefits the cloud offers. While businesses may always want to process certain types of data in-house, some in the industry now suggest that ERP systems are a prime example of where hybrid cloud solutions can provide the perfect middle ground.
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Lenovo Partner Access for Secure, Time-Sensitive Access Authorisation

When the company started investigating a new hosting environment to service its partner network, it needed to be secure, accessible for partners 24/7, easily and quickly updated, and provide single sign-on capability. Most importantly, resource constraints meant the new site had to be up and running without changes to the back-end systems.

The result is Lenovo Partner Access, a hybrid cloud environment based on an application called webNetwork, which delivers a private datacentre, a public cloud build and local device resources through a common desktop with a single password.
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Implement SEO for New Website

Launching a new website is chaotic due to the amount of work that must be done to ensure your website will perform its best and rank well. Often, the design and SEO process for launching a new website can take up to 3 months of work prior to the launch. During those months, you’ll need to focus on creating a responsive design as Google ranks responsive sites higher, and it’s what internet users expect to see when they visit a website. Then, there’s the onsite optimization, which can be the most time consuming as content needs to be created, keyword research needs to be conducted, and link building strategies need developed.
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