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Outdated Automation Tools Limit Performance in Predictable Ways

To work around these limitations, IT organizations must often license add-on tools and dedicate staff to supervise processes and perform tasks manually. That’s costly and doesn’t scale. Over time, these legacy automation tools and workarounds limit the performance of the business itself.

Outdated Automation Tools Limit Performance in Predictable Ways

Outdated Automation Tools Limit Performance in Predictable Ways

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Redwood’s RunMyJobs® workload automation, organizations break through legacy automation limitations and achieve remarkable results.

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  • Learn how one retailer automatically speeds real-time data directly from multiple points-of-sale

Content Summary

Replace too many tools with a single solution
End complex scheduling and delayed results
Eliminate process gaps without manual effort

Replace too many tools with a single solution

Ever-expanding teams and tools

UBS was processing over 10 million financial transactions per hour from more than 170 specialized financial and accounting systems. Requirements for internal audits, information management, and regulatory compliance were increasing staff, systems, and tools. Costs and risks kept going up.

RunMyJobs is the crucial process automation component that acts as the glue holding together our entire accounting and reporting solution. – Project Manager, UBS.

Redwood Breakthrough:

  • UBS replaced 16 automation tools with RunMyJobs.
  • Reduced direct IT costs by 30%.
  • Financial report production was cut from 9 to 5 days.
  • The company now has faster access to accurate financial information to reduce risks, react faster, and exploit new market opportunities

End complex scheduling and delayed results

Overnight customer billing issues

Regular errors slowed overnight billing, overloaded IT teams and delayed operations. Problems created a flood of calls from unhappy customers. Anglian Water’s share of a £50 million regulatory incentive for customer satisfaction was at risk.

With Redwood’s RunMyJobs, we achieved immediate visibility of any problems so that corrective action could be taken right away. – Business System Manager, Anglian Water.

Redwood Breakthrough:

  • A streamlined billing and automated error correction.
  • Billing complaints disappeared.
  • Anglian Water returned to rank in customer satisfaction.

Daily process took more than a day

Each order taken by the industrial supply giant took 36 hours to complete a 1,200-item, 120-interface process. They were out of compliance with GAAP and faced customer service issues.

RunMyJobs automation resulted in a 20% reduction in operating costs and reduced our 36-hour order-to-cash process down to just six hours. – Production Supervisor, Grainger.

Redwood Breakthrough:

  • Improved speed and efficiencies in order processing.
  • Enabled the company to earn highly competitive government contracts and maintain superior customer service.
  • 20% Reduction in operating costs.
  • Reduced 36-hour order-to-cash process down to 6.

Eliminate process gaps without manual effort

Up all night, every night

Point-of-sale, inventory and other data from more than 200 retail locations were manually collected and processed into an ERP system by two sta members from 6 PM to 6 AM every night. Errors stopped work and led to late-night calls to management. The next night, the entire process started all over again.

Our project with Redwood gave us tremendous flexibility and adaptability. We found ourselves telling our business stakeholders ‘We can do that.’ – Business System Analyst, French Connection.

Redwood Breakthrough:

  • Automated every step in the process – from the warehouse to point-of-sale.
  • Eliminated tedious all-night manual work.
  • Data collected periodically throughout the day enabled French Connection to keep e-commerce systems current and to keep each store stocked with what’s selling best.

Source: Redwood Software

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