How to Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages appear after an online ad, e-mail link, search result, or specific promotional URL. It’s the first chance you have to convince a motivated user to pursue the purchase process.

Why you should optimize your landing pages:
– Enhance customer’s experience
– Build trust
– Maximize campaign ROI
– Increase your conversion rates
– Improve your site’s usability

16 Steps to optimize your landing page
– Know your visitors
– Present a clear value proposition
– Post relevant and persuasive content
– Deliver a consistent message
– Provide clear call to action
– Balance your content and images
– Create a user-friendly layout
– Use emotional triggers
– Remove distractions
– Don’t ask for too much information
– Build trust
– Respect privacy
– Use testimonials
– Keep it simple
– Test every component of your landing page
– Ensure less loading time

Top 5 landing page mistakes
– Bad headline
– Using main homepage as a landing page
– Disconnect between Ad and Landing page
– Poorly designed form
– Call action below the fold