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How To Optimize Customer Experience With Data

Digital era has thrown the door wide open for savvy marketers looking to bring the customer experience to an entirely new level. On the flip side, expectation is on them to reach out to customers across multiple digital channels and offer personalized experiences based on a plethora of data points such as preferences, buying history and even brand sentiments. Below 6 steps outline how to optimising every customer experience.

Track Customer Behavior

Collect data and create events: Capture digital data and track customer behavior.

Choose What Content To Display

Create messages: Upload assets and creatives with messaging that entices customers and moves them to action.

Choose Where Your Content Displays

Create spots: You decide where to display the creative based on the channel, such as mobile app and web pages.

Define Who Sees Your Content

Create segments: These are groups of people who share common characteristics. Analyze segment attributes and determine best placement across channels based on segment profiles or characteristics.

Deliver The Content

Create tasks: Measure, test and deliver personalized content with tasks. Make the customer experience personal and memorable from web, mobile and email channels.

Track Customer Interactions With Your Content

Create activities: Connect tasks to create customer journeys that deliver the right content, in the right place, to the right people.

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