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Operation Jackal Takes Down Cybercrime Organization

Updated on 2022-10-17:  Operation Jackal Takes Down Cybercrime Organization

Interpol has announced the arrest of 75 people in connection with a cybercrime syndicate that has been perpetrating cyber fraud and using the spoils to fund other criminal activity. Operation Jackal involved law enforcement agents in 14 countries around the world. Officials raided nearly 50 properties and seized numerous assets, including 12,000 SIM cards, and EUR 1.2 million in bank accounts.


  • Read those numbers again. It is estimated that about 2 trillion dollars in illicit funds is laundered and less than 1% is intercepted and recovered. INTERPOL’s actions are an example of what can happen when police forces cooperate across borders.
  • Well done to all involved in this operation. Running an operation involving law enforcement agencies from 14 different countries is no easy task, but this successful operation highlights how international cooperation between the law enforcement agencies is improving and becoming more effective. Good news for us all, except of course for cybercriminals.


Updated on 2022-10-16

In a joint law enforcement effort—Operation Jackal—coordinated by INTERPOL against West African gang Black Axe and similar groups, the global cops made 75 arrests of individuals responsible for the majority of the world’s cyber-enabled financial frauds. Read more: International crackdown on West-African financial crime rings

Overview: Operation Jackal

After South African news outlets reported that Interpol arrested two members of the “Air Lords” Nigerian crime syndicate for BEC-related attacks, Interpol set the record straight on Friday and clarified that the two arrests are actually members of the “Black Axe” Nigerian crime syndicate and had taken place as part of Operation Jackal, which “marks the first time INTERPOL has coordinated a global operation specifically against Black Axe, which is rapidly becoming a major security threat worldwide.” Read more: International crackdown on West-African financial crime rings

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