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How Online Forms Anchor A Business

Don’t let your business drift out to sea. A versatile online form builder is the only solution you need to manage information across your organization and keep your verssel steady. See how online forms can your problems and anchor your business.

Business Challenges

Managers report that they spend 40% of their work week on administrative tasks.

83% of information technology and line-of-business decision-makers have expressed a need for a digital transaction management solution for their business.

86% of managers claim automated work processes would increase productivity.

55% of modern employees feel positively about the replacement of repetitive work with automation.

9 in 10 managers say their productivity hinges on the efficiency of routine work processes across the company.

Marketing Department

Increase Sign-Ups: A web development company collected 1,100 sign-ups across 90 countries in just 30 days with an online form and a centralized dashboard.

Increase Conversations: A digital marketing agency increased the conversion rate of a client’s sign-up form by 114%.

Boost Enrollment: Embeddable forms have proven to help a university increase campus visits by 45% and boost enrollment by 70% in two years.

IT Department

Decrease Development Time: Using a drag-and-drop form builder that doesn’t require coding saved the IT team at one web development company over 50 hours of development time on just one online form.

Increase Business Success: 93% of IT leaders acknowledge that providing a digital transaction experience is important to the success of their businesses.

Common Forms:

  • Support Tickets
  • RFPs
  • Equipment Logs
  • Feature Requests
  • Equipment Requests

Human Resources Department

Eliminate Email: Using forms for hiring has been proven to greatly increase visibility of new hire needs, eliminating nearly 2,000 hard-to-manage email threads for one cleaning business.

Save Money: Companies can save thousands of dollars by building training programs using online forms rather than an educational platform.

HR recruiting and talent searching is nearly 100% digital.

Common Forms:

  • Employee Reviews
  • New Hire Info Forms
  • Job Applications

Finance Department

Save Time: One foodservice business cut off at least two days from its financial approval workflow by using online forms to standardized the process.

81% of business technology decision-makers believe the competitive impact of a digital transaction management solution is “very significant” for the finance business function.

Common Forms:

  • Check Requests
  • New Vendor Info Forms
  • Reimbursement Requests
  • Purchase Orders

Source from Formstack

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