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OneVision Showcased New Asura, Mirado and Amendo at IFRA Expo 2011

OneVision announced to present the latest software innovations including Asura 11.5, Mirado and Amendo at IFRA Expo 2011, taking place from October 10 – 12 in Vienna, Austria.

Asura 11.5 is the latest version solution for automated file correction, optimization and normalization comes with create Lean PDF option. Lean PDF create using new sophisticated calculation method, reduced in size and optimized for use on tablet and mobile devices or as ePaper.

Stefan Bittner, Product Support Manager at OneVision, explains: “For many years, publishing and printing houses around the world have been relying on Asura to create rock-solid, flawless PDFs for print. With the surge of tablet and mobile devices, their needs are evolving – and so is Asura. With the latest version Asura 11.5, our customers are now able to create extremely small PDFs for use on these devices, all while maintaining the high quality and display accuracy of the original PDF.”

Mirado allows hybrid PDF production for print, web and mobile use with personalization capacity to target individual groups offer new revenue opportunities. Mirado enable multi channel and multi platform publishing by converts print files into rich media publication. Connection to several shop systems allows distribution of paid content.

Mr. Abdulmotaleb Dayem from the publishing house Dar al-Hayat will be speaking on “The simplicity of Cross-Media Delivery” at WAN-IFRA’s Media Port and will outline his experiences with OneVision’s Mirado while developing an online strategy for the company’s publications.

New version of Amendo provides printers and publishers with professional-quality image enhancement and color correction that can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to process images and reduce time to press.

“We’re proud to introduce Amendo 2.8 at this year’s IFRA”, states Volker Weigert, Product Support Manager at OneVison. “In this version, we have added an outstanding new functionality called Clear Rendering: this technology removes impurities of yellow tones which are introduced by conventional CMYK ICC profiles, thus avoiding any disturbing green effects. What’s more, critical images can now be excluded from unnecessary processing in the first place, helping customers to speed up their image workflow. Finally, thanks to the new Amendo Job Ticket API, Amendo can now be easily integrated into Third-Party workflows or applications such as editorial systems or image databases.”

You can approach OneVision at IFRA Expo booth #525 in Hall A where OneVision product experts will be on hand to provide information and give live demonstrations of their products.

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