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Norton 360 2013 – Why Bother?

Twenty years ago, PC’s weren’t that common, and they weren’t all that complicated. Mostly they were used for basic functions such as word processing. As more users began to connect to the Internet, that began to change, and it hasn’t stopped. In fact, computer use is growing exponentially.

I learned to use a simple bookkeeping program on a PC years ago. The business employing me didn’t have any sort of internet security program in place. It was a “type your own” accounts payable/receivable and payroll program. If I could operate it, it was extremely simple. At the time, I would never have imagined that one day soon, unsavory and unethical people would use their PC’s, by way of the Internet, to steal information and funds.

Eventually, it became apparent that an Internet security tool was a necessity. No, the bad guys didn’t want to steal the information in the letter I had written while on lunch, but they might have loved to get a hand into the company’s financial information and clean us out.

For about 20 years, Symantec’s Norton 360 has been providing PC users with first-rate protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, and as the years progressed and the bad guys got smarter, so did Symantec. Norton 360 2013 has saved millions of dollars and who knows how many identities from being stolen over the Internet. Due to perpetual monitoring and updating, they have stayed ahead of the bad guys, and are even capable of predicting what the next risk may be. Parental controls and 24/7 support make choosing Norton 360 2013 a no-brainer.

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