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NIST NCCoE Seeking Comments on Water System Cybersecurity Guidance

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Cybersecurity center of Excellence (NCCoE) is seeking feedback from stakeholders in the water and wastewater utilities sector on a project aimed at developing cybersecurity best practices for that sector. The project “will demonstrate solutions to protect the cybersecurity of infrastructure within the operating environments of WWS sector utilities that address common cybersecurity risks among water and wastewater systems utilities.” Comments will be accepted through December 19, 2022.


  • Each of the critical infrastructure sectors share more in common when it comes to developing cybersecurity best practices. Establishing a common and prioritized set of safeguards to achieve a baseline cybersecurity posture across all sectors should be a national imperative. The CIS Critical Security Controls, starting with implementation group 1 are measurably effective against the top five attacks being used against every industry sector, why not start there.
  • Our water and waste system delivery operators are all over the map when it comes to size and complexity. As such, it’s important that smaller system operators weigh in to make sure that guidance is relevant, actionable, and not expecting organizations with deeper pockets. Also needed is guidance for operators who have outsourced services who need to ensure those are also being operated securely.


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