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New REvil leaks

Updated on 2022-12-07

SecurityScorecard’s Vlad Pasca has a technical breakdown of the old REvil ransomware. Read more: A Detailed Analysis of The Last Version of REvil Ransomware

Overview: New REvil leaks

The REvil ransomware group has added two new companies on its dark web data leak portal, a US school district and a major services provider for the US healthcare sector. Two two updates are of note because they come after a period of two weeks of inactivity, following REvil’s high-profile leak of Medibank patient data. The leak of Medibank patient information prompted the Australian government to issue a threat of repercussions and offensive operations against cybercrime groups. It remains to be seen if the new leaks will trigger a response from the ASD or if the Australian agency will be contempt to sit on its possible offensive operations until another ransomware gang hits an Australian entity.

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