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How Nestlé uses Kollective to Improve Employee Engagement with Video

Nestlé leverages Kollective to give over 180,000 of their employees a voice, enabling internal communications and collaboration with no impact on the network.

Nestlé background. Source: Kollective

Nestlé background. Source: Kollective

Founded in in 1866, Nestlé is the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. With headquarters in Switzerland, Nestlé has offices, factories and research and development centers worldwide.

Prior to 2011, Nestlé distributed educational video content directly to employees via streaming servers in its data centers. The limitations of this approach meant reaching remote employees in difficult locations was almost impossible.

Various work-around solutions were tried such as posting DVDs to each location and asking employees to gather in rooms to watch content together on a big screen, but they were not satisfactory and reaching every employee was never truly achieved.

“One of Kollective’s strengths is their team spirit and quality of support at all levels. They are very responsive. We are not concerned customers, but part of a big team.” – Geneviève Reymond,Senior Specialist (Collaboration & Mobility) Digital Service Unit Nestlé

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The Rise of Video
Solving The Delivery Problem
High Quality, Network Efficient Video Delivery
Giving Employees a Voice
Extending the Reach of Video

The Rise of Video

As the internal popularity of video grew, so did the problem of how to distribute it quickly and efficiently to every employee, in every location.

The traditional method of streaming video directly to users consumed too much bandwidth and slowed down other business critical applications. Whilst reaching remote employees was still an impossible task.

At the same time as this problem began to escalate, Nestlé C-level executives expressed a desire to run a monthly live online event for all employees. They demanded a group-wide solution to live video distribution. This kick-started a new project for the Nestlé IT team.

Solving The Delivery Problem

They began exploring ways to deliver video to every employee, in every location, more efficiently and without significantly impacting budget.

After initial investigations, it soon became apparent that traditional streaming methods such as using server appliances to cache content locally and upgrading bandwidth would require significant capital expenditure and due to the growing volume of video content, was not a scalable solution.

After a market-wide search, they were introduced to Kollective, which offered a software-defined approach to enterprise video distribution – light on the network and budget-friendly with no hardware, or additional bandwidth required.

For Nestlé, one of the most appealing aspects of the Kollective solution was its ease of use and its ability to share content in different sub-nets – a big win for sites with segregated networks.

So, after a series of pilots and network tests, Nestlé deployed Kollective on 120,000 end-user machines in 2011.

High Quality, Network Efficient Video Delivery

Nestlé started using the Kollective ECDN front-end applications to distribute video content to all employees. Then in November 2011, Nestlé used Kollective to successfully broadcast its internal business awards event live to all employees, at a high quality and with no impact on the network.

Frederic Ballara, Nestlé Network Architect comments: “From a technical point of view, I have no complaints. The software-defined approach is very effective and efficient. We are now reducing video bandwidth by 80%.”

“It is very network friendly. We are able to reach every user in remote locations without investing in hardware. I am not aware of any sites that have needed to be upgraded to accommodate Kollective.”

“Since deploying Kollective, I have touched the settings on the client once in four years. From a network point of view, I don’t hear about it, which means it’s the perfect solution. One of the best we have.”

Giving Employees a Voice

In January 2012, Nestlé implemented a world class internal portal, powered by Microsoft SharePoint as their company intranet. Kollective’s integration with SharePoint has allowed Nestlé to create a tab within SharePoint for employees to access internal video content easily. In April 2012, Nestlé employees were granted the right to upload and share their own video content via the intranet.

In 2012, Nestlé uploaded an average of 386 videos and broadcasted 7 live company events every month to every employee. By the end of 2012 Nestlé had a total of 5,300 videos available for employees to view, regardless of location and 362 active uploaders.

Fast forward to 2015 when Nestle had 22,513 videos published and viewed by employees, and 209 live events.

Geneviève Reymond, Senior Specialist (Collaboration & Mobility), Digital Service Unit at Nestlé comments, “Kollective has enabled communication and collaboration with video amongst employees without impacting the network, saving us money and bandwidth through the use of LAN instead of external Internet networks.”

Extending the Reach of Video

Thanks to the Kollective success story, Nestlé is now exploring ways to extend the delivery of internal video even further – empowering employees to run their own live events, rolling Kollective out across iOS and Android mobile devices and integrating Kollective with end-user tools such as Chatter.

Source: Kollective

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