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Why You Can’t Neglect Social Media with Your SEO Campaign

We hear a lot about choosing the right keywords to drive visitors to your site. But search engines have become a lot more savvy. It’s no longer enough to simply pump your text full of the most-searched for words and phrases. Increasingly, search engines are looking to make sure your site and its content are of real value for visitors, before they will help to push people in your direction. That’s why, in these social media obsessed times, it makes sense to marry your social media strategy to your SEO campaign.

The Advantages of social media
Social media has brought with it challenges for any business, but also a myriad of benefits. It gives you opportunities for brand visibility which weren’t previously available. By using the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, you can increase brand awareness and directly interact with potential customers.

Why Social media make a difference to SEO?
Many industry experts are now arguing that there is a direct relationship between content from a website that is shared via social media, and better search engine rankings.

The more engaged you are with social media and the more you are interacting with your followers and likers, the more chance there is that you will be getting enough retweets, shares and likes to make a difference in the search rankings.

Sharing of content via social media also helps to get the new text, images and video you add to your site indexed faster.

This way your content is found by Google faster and gets to potential clients and customers a lot quicker.

Using Google+
Using Google’s own social platform can be a key method to connect between social media and your content in a way which improves your rankings. If you use regular writers for your site or your blog, then you can use Google+ to create author bios. That way, the writer of your content may appear in search results, Web users are more likely to click through to an article written by someone they already know, compared to a piece written by someone they have no connection with.

And finally, work together
The most successful campaigns are built by developing SEO and social media strategies which work together. By connecting to leading influencers in your industry, you place your own business and expertise in the spotlight. And, you can focus on getting your high value content out to as many people as possible by utilizing social media – taking your website users to your social media channels and vice versa to run a campaign which makes the most of all of the combined benefits of SEO and social media to get you noticed.

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