Mozilla Firefox Acquires Pocket, Offline News Content Reader App for Mobile

Mozilla today announced that it has acquired Read It Later Inc., the developer of Pocket as part of efforts to enable users to discover and access high quality content., Pocket will be a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Mozilla Corporation and part of Mozilla Open Source Project, no changes in the team, and Pocket will continue along the lines of its existing roadmap.

Pocket contributes to our strategy by growing our mobile presence and providing people everywhere with powerful tools to discover and access high quality web content, on their terms, independent of platform or content silo.

Mozilla confirmed as much in a statement posted on its blog Monday.

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We believe that the discovery and accessibility of high quality web content is key to keeping the internet healthy by fighting against the rising tide of centralisation and walled gardens. Pocket provides people with the tools they need to engage with and share content on their own terms, independent of hardware platform or content silo, for a safer, more empowered and independent online experience.

Chris Beard, Mozilla CEO, said.

What matters most to us is our ability to make a real impact in the lives of our users and the world at large. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve found a powerful new ally in helping us achieve our mission, while building a better, healthier, and more interesting Internet in the process.

Pocket founder Nate Weiner wrote in a blog post [Taking Pocket Further with Mozilla].

Pocket is an offline web content and news reading application initially started as add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser with currently over 10 million monthly active users across platforms including Android, iOS and Web.

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Pocket is integrated into hundreds of apps including Flipboard and Twitter. Pocket also features “human-powered content recommendation system” to promote content from paid advertisers.

Source: Mozilla Blog: Mozilla Acquires Pocket

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