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Microsoft disclosed more than 80 vulnerabilities as part of Patch Tuesday

Updated on 2022-10-14: Domain join hardening

Also, as a result of its recent Patch Tuesday security updates, Microsoft said it hardened the domain join process as a result of a patch for CVE 2022 38042. Read more: KB5020276—Netjoin: Domain join hardening changes

Overview: Microsoft disclosed more than 80 vulnerabilities as part of Patch Tuesday, including several in PTP tunneling

Microsoft released its monthly security update Tuesday, disclosing 84 vulnerabilities across the company’s hardware and software line, including seven critical issues in Windows’ point-to-point tunneling protocol. September’s security update features 11 critical vulnerabilities, with the remainder being “important.” One of the most notable vulnerabilities Microsoft fixed this month is CVE-2022-41038, a remote code execution issue in Microsoft SharePoint. There are several other SharePoint vulnerabilities included in this month’s Patch Tuesday, though this seems the most severe, as Microsoft continues it to be “more likely” to be exploited. An attacker must be authenticated to the target site with the correct permissions to use manage lists in SharePoint to exploit this vulnerability, and eventually gain the ability to execute remote code on the SharePoint server. Read more: Microsoft Patch Tuesday for October 2022 — Snort rules and prominent vulnerabilities

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