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Microsoft Will Deprecate Client Access Rules in Exchange Online

In October, Microsoft will begin retiring Client Access Rules (CARs) in Exchange Online with the goal of completely deprecating them by September 2023. CARs will be replaced with Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) for Azure Active Directory.


  • Don’t wait, you want to get ahead of the curve on CAE as it’ll help you shutting down malicious access attempts relating to credential theft. CAE enables Azure Active Directory applications to subscribe to critical events, that can then be evaluated and enforced in near realtime.
  • ​​​​​​​Very positive move forward – User session revocation can be enforced in near real time. There may be some business app breakage but those were just vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited.


  • Deprecation of Client Access Rules in Exchange Online
  • Microsoft to kill off old access rules in Exchange Online
  • Microsoft to retire Exchange Online client access rules in a year
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